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~Warning swearing and bad spelling, this is a request for @ramyunqu33n, Thanks for the request! The story gets a bit heated be warned~


You were a new student at school in South Park, As I was walking down the halls of my new school, two boys caught my eye. I glanced my stare over to them, One of the boys had a cute blonde bob and looked British? Well the another one looked goth but a hot goth, he had black hair and piercing red eyes. They turned there heads to me making me blush, I turned my head to the floor and made my way to the councilors office. 

Once I arrived at the councilors office, I opened the door to see the FUCKING BIGGEST HEAD IN THE WORLD,  "Hi I'm Mr Mackey Mkay, Your the new student?" he said, "Yeah" I said sitting in the seat. "Mkay, well here is your timetable Mkay and a map around the school Mkay and I have a student to direct you around the school Mkay..."  Mr Mackey said handing me all the sheets of paper. The door sudden opened. "Mkay here he is, Damien Thorn Mkay" he said as I turn around.

"Why the fuck em I here again?" Damien said leaning up against the wall, "Yeah there is NO swearing in school MKAY" Mr Mackey said, "What ever big head, why em I here?" He said annoyed. "You here to show our new student (y/n) around our school Mkay" Mr Mackey said, "What ever come on then" Damien said walking out of the office, grabbing my hand. "Thankyou..." I said quickly before being dragged out of the office. "Ok here's the drift, I hate everyone (Same) but somehow I like you, you seem different from the rest of these shitty people and my 'friend' seems to like you too. I don't really like to share but I'll make an exception because I don't want you cheating on me with someone that I hate, I rather share you with someone that I like" he said dragging me to god knows where, then I realized went he said and I started to blush madly.

"Do I g-get a say in this?" I said trying so hard not to stutter but I failed, "Nope, and why would you say no, when I saw you checking us out easier" he said stopping at a door, opening to the janitors closest and dragging me with him inside. "What are we doing?" I said a little worried, "We are here to mark you as ours" He said with a deep voice. "What we?" I said. "Yes we" Damien said, Damien turned the light on, the cute blonde boy stood awkwardly in the center of the room. "Hi my name is Pip and i'm a true gentlemen and will never ever hurt you" He said walking towards me grabbing my hand (that wasn't in Damien's grip) and kissing it slowly. 

"OI, Pip get the chair instead of putting your lips on her hand" Damien said then picked me up, "Hey!" I said, then being put down on the chair. "You have the handcuffs?" Damien said, "W-what?" I said blushing. "I'm joking" He said smiling, "But maybe later we could use them"  he said whispering in my ear, I blushed so hard. "umm Damien do you want to mark her first because yours in permanent?" Pip said nervously, "Sure, I'll get her warmed up for you" he said making his eyes glow. 

He grabbed my face and kissed me passionately, slightly biting my bottom lip. I didn't let him open my mouth, he got annoyed and grabbed my hip digging his nails into it. I gasped and opened my mouth and he quickly stuck his tongue in my mouth. He when disconnected our lips and quickly started to kiss my collarbone and started to suck and bite at the skin, it was magic, I wanted to moan but my lip until he sunk his teeth into my skin making it burn around it. I yelped out in pain until his put a hand over my mouth. Tears started to leak from my eyes, Pip walked over to be a wiped my tears away, he placed his lips onto my cheek.  Damien let go of my neck and my mouth and slowly backed away, "What was that for?" I said, as I felt Pip kiss on the other side of my collarbone. "I forgot to tell you that I'm a demon well I'm Satan's son and I marked you for life, I'm mine forever." He said, "Does that change your view on me?" he said feeling guilty in a way, "No it doesn't,  I think that's ~moan~ hot" I said blushing that I moaned out loud.

Pip when started to bite and suck at my skin, in the corner of my eye I saw Damien comes over to me and started to give me hickey up and down my neck. What seemed like forever there both pulled away and I was left a moaning and breathing mess, "You Ok (y/n)?" Damien said, "Yeah~....That was amazing!" I said getting off the seat and hugging the both of them. "We need to ask you that will you be a our girlfriend?" They said at the same time, "Yes of course!" I said kissing both of there cheeks'

"How em I going to explain these marks to my mum" I said, "Well you don't have to go home tonight, you can spend the night with us?" Pip said, "Well looks like i'm not walking tomorrow" I said making them blush.

~Sorry that it is a bit short but it got heated so it makes up for it.

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