Conflicted Eyes, Confusing Feelings

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Before you proceed, I'd just like to get a few important things off my chest.

1. This is my first DECENT (😯) attempt at writing a novel, and of course, it just so happened to be a boyxboy.

With that said, I know that this book is light years away from perfect. I really do appreciate and employ constructive criticism in my future work, so please feel free to tell me how I can improve!

No hate please. Don't be a meanie ;^;

2. This book deals with real-world problems, circulating around dark, mature themes such as self-harm, drug abuse and depression, just to name a few.

Personally, I have never been depressed or faced any mental issue as mentioned with the characters (besides anxiety), so I would really appreciate constructive criticism here too.

Don't worry though! Trigger warnings will be provided as appropriate, for certain events ✨

3. Some characters here are bilingual.
Because I don't like reading books where the translation comes immediately after the dialogue (usually in square brackets), I tend to avoid this, as it usually looks kinda sloppy — in my opinion.

4. FUN FACT: You can still comment and vote even if you have no internet access. When you have internet access, the votes and comment(s) will automatically upload.

Without further delay, I urge you to skip to chapter one!

START: March 2018 (approx.)

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