5 - The Very Much Known Meet-Cute

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"Welcome back, Miss Miller." Mr McDurley opened the door for her and shook her hand, a repeat of yesterday. Sam sat down in a chair while he walked over to a filing cabinet and pulled out an envelope. "I'm afraid I don't have enough time to explain to you what will happen, since there were some minor alterations to the whole thing. You'll have to read it yourself and figure it out. I'm sure you can handle it, you seem like a very capable young lady."

"Thanks." Sam said as she took the envelope, reading her name and the date on the front.

"I'm very sorry Miss Miller, but I have an important meeting scheduled in five minutes."

"Oh, that's alright." She stood up, holding on tight to the papers. The papers that would either be the ticket to her dreams or the ticket to a bottle of tequila and a tub of ice cream tonight (and maybe tomorrow night too).

She said her goodbyes and walked out. Suddenly, the girl heard the older man curse behind her, and she turned around, about to ask if he said anything. Mr McDurley completely ignored her as he jogged out of his office and further down the corridor, deeper into the building.

"Mr McDurley...?" Her voice faded as he disappeared around a bend.

As if on queue, a large smash sounded from the direction of his running, and Samantha found herself walking towards the noise reluctantly. She rounded a corner and saw bright light spilling from an open doorway.

"God damnit!" A man (possibly McDurley) shouted inside. More crashing.

Sam was quiet as a mouse as she inched closer, trying to peer into the room. Something broke again, and a woman shrieked before the light faded a little.

It was a photo shoot set, that was plain to see. Huge lights and a camera stand stood around a sofa in the middle of the room, but there was noone sitting on it. Instead, two women and two men were running around the room, whilst another lady was kneeling beside a broken light.

"Stephanie you told me the fucking dog was tame!"

"It was! I swear!" A black haired woman said as she lunged for something behind a desk.

"Well it sure isn't now!" That was Mr McDurley. Sam saw a glimpse of something tiny and white dart past a tangle of cords, sending another light wobbling. 'Stephanie' stopped it from falling just in time.

Samantha watched all of this from the doorway, a smile playing on her lips. It blew into a full grin as Mr McDurley tripped and fell face first into a box of something feathery. One of the other women shook a box of dog treats, but the puppy darted around her, too fast to catch. The camera stand toppled and a blonde woman barely caught the camera before it hit the ground. Unfortunately, she didn't watch where she was going and she tripped over McDurley, sending them both onto the ground in a poof of feathers. Sam laughed, just a small exhale.

"Riveting, isn't it?" Came a deep voice behind her. Sam straightened up and spun around, immediately coming face to face with...Sebastian Stan? What? Sam swallowed. Her muscles froze and she stood completely still, her breath stuck in her lungs. No fucking way. A strange look clouded the actor's eyes for a moment, then his face lit up as he smiled (in surprise? recognition? Sam had no clue. She couldn't even think right now.)

"Oh my God, you're the slushie girl."

What the hell?

A pause, then

oh no

Sam took a shaky step backwards. Fantastic. Sebastian Stan saw her make an absolute fool out of herself and remembered it. 4 for you Sam Miller, you go Sam Miller! A gorgeous celebrity's first impression of you is 'check this out, this fucking weirdo covered herself in slushie in the middle of a street and ran off laughing'. Gotta love that.

While all of this was running through her mind, Sebastian stood there, his smile of surprise morphing into a frown of concern as Sam backed away slowly, her face one of fear and embarassment.

"Are you o-"

"Sebastian! Thank God you're here!" Stephanie came running out of the room, barely even glancing at Samantha as she dragged him inside. "See if you can get this chow under control."

Alone again, and away from handsome, talented men who had seen her make a fool of herself, Sam took a deep breath and power-walked away, as silent as she had come. Someone ran past her in the direction of the photo shoot but she ignored them, instead focusing on what had just happened.

But seriously. What had just happened?


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