6 - Circumstance or Cliché?

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Sam opened the envelope as soon as she got settled in her seat. The bus was uncharacteristically quiet, so she had no trouble in blocking out her embarassment and focusing on the task on hand. The papers slid out of the packaging smoothly after she tore the top open, and she began reading.

The vehicle jostled her. A few teenagers shouted. She continued reading absolutely absorbed, until she came to one part where she stopped cold.

"As part of the Quick Enrollment Program [QEP] you will be paired with a professional, experienced actor to help you prepare for your audition on Friday 30th May. During the course of two weeks this actor will assist you and train you as they feel fit, and ultimately ready you for your audition. 

You will find the details of the actor in question on page 3."

Samantha hastily flipped through the numbered pages until she came to page 3. She hadn't expected to work with anyone. While it was nice, it was also scary. She looked down at the paper.

"Your assigned partner is: Sebastian Stan "

Sam smacked a hand across her face, making sure to keep a hold of the papers in the other. Why him? Why did it have to be him?

Her phone buzzed in her pocket and she took it out, sighing when she saw it was Lilly.

Sooo how did it gooo buttercup?

Message received at 11:33 pm.

Lets just say ive got some stuff to tell you

Message sent at 11:33 pm.

Sam looked up as she slid her phone back into her pocket. She realised it was her stop soon and she pressed the button, hearing the small ring. Gathering up her stuff she waited patiently for the bus to stop. Was she seriously this unlucky or was she momentarily stuck in some sort of tragic comedy? Yeah, her life as a comedy would be a box office phenomenon. If people even wanted to watch it, that is.

When it came to her stop and she stepped off she breathed in the fresh air, yawning a little as she remembered she didn't get enough sleep the night before.

This is such a mess, Sam thought, making her way to her and Lilly's apartment building. It was like a flash-back of high school all over again. The days when she was the laughing stock of the school for a while. Ofcourse, Lilly had stepped in, but it had happened anyway. Recently she'd not acted like an idiot, and Sam honestly thought she was maturing, but here she was, getting dubbed as 'slushie girl' by a very famous and very charming man that she didn't even know.

Well, she felt like she knew him, but Sam had a feeling interviews and articles didn't necessarily count in this situation.

As Samantha was obsessing over her embarassment and all of her mistakes, she neglected to realise something: a famous person had remembered her. Lilly did not fail to point this out later on.

"Dude will you shut up for a second and listen to me? Sebastian bloody Stan actually remembered who you were."

"Yeah, because I made an idiot out of myself."

"You're not listening to me!" Lilly grabbed her best friend by the shoulders and spun her around, shaking her a little. "Sebastian Stan, the Sebastian Stan, recognised you. Bucky Barnes recognised you. I would kill for that to happen to me."

"You weren't the one covered in slushie." Sam mumbled.

"Are you serious? I would swim in slushie for days if it meant Sebastian Stan knew who I was."

"Why am I not surprised."

"Look," Lilly said quietly, releasing Sam, "you're a grown, sophisticated woman pursuing her career. Sebastian is a professional, only here to help you. He's a lovely person, too. He's not going to laugh at you."

"I never said -"

"But you were thinking it." When Sam shrugged, Lilly smirked. "I know you too well, sunshine. Can't fool me."


Lilly chuckled as she went to make Sam hot chocolate in the kitchen, while Sam continued watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother.

The paperwork lay deserted on the kitchen island, but not entirely forgotten. The sun eventually set, street lights casting orange stripes on the floor through the curtains. The moon rose, the traffic thinned. Locals went to bed, while downtown youngsters got drunk and sang their way through the streets. A lone siren echoed in the distance. And somewhere in the city, a man smiled to himself as he pictured a brown-haired girl running through the streets, laughing with pure joy.


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