2 - The Unexpected, Yet Somewhat Suspected

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Thin wisps of cloud drifted against a beautiful blue sky. Spring was well under way, Sam thought, as she dodged a bee buzzing by. Breathing deeply, she inhaled the smell of flowers as the walked past a florist.

It was a Friday morning, and unlike Lilly, who actually had a job, she had woken up with nothing to do. Instead of staying indoors, she decided to take advantage of the weather and go to the local park. Maybe get a slushie.

Now, as her feet hit the hot dry pavement, brushing past stray leaves, weaving around people, Sam felt good. Maybe even excellent, she wondered, as she spotted a shlushie stand. 

She walked over, standing behind a little boy and his mother. Bless him, the kid was so excited, pointing eagerly to the flavour he wanted. Sam smiled as she opened her purse, checking if she had enough money. By the time she looked up the boy was happily pulling his mum away, probably to the toy shop across the road or something.

"Large strawberry slushie please." The guy nodded and grabbed a plastic cup, starting to fill it up as Sam looked down the road, waiting. The change in her hand jingled as she shook her wrist slightly, absent minded as she watched the people flowing around her. Most of them were headed for the park, and why not; weather this nice was rare in London.

"Here you go." The man handed her the beverage, and Samantha snapped out of her daydreaming. She handed the money over, and as she took the slushie her phone began to ring. Loudly.

She hastened to answer it as a few people looked over, and she dug through her bag with one hand. Stepping to the side, she turned around to let the person behind her order. Eyes fixed on her bag, she tried to find it. In the chaos forgot she was still holding her slushie. In pure frustration she moved her arm to search with her other hand, and managed to spill the sugary liquid all over her shirt, her bag, and some on a passer by who definately was not pleased.

"I'm so sorry!" Samantha said, but it was in vain, as the guy had already walked off.

At that moment, her fingers found the mobile and she pulled it out, accepting the call.


"Is this Miss Miller?"

"Yes." She walked over to a bin and dumped her plastic cup into it, holding her sticky top away from her skin.

"This is LSCA calling. Mr McDurley has an audition for you in two weeks."

"Wonderful, thank you so much!" Samantha couldn't disguise the joy in her voice.

"We have an appointment for you tomorrow at 10 o'clock to discuss the details."

"That's perfect, thank you."

"No problem, call us if you have any questions."

"Okay, thank you." Why did she keep saying that? She felt eyes on her as she ended the call, a huge grin spreading across her face. Even the fact that her white shirt was beyond saving couldn't wipe it off.

The crowd gave her a wide birth as she jogged through, still smiling. She flicked through her contacts and found Lilly's name, and sent her a text (I GOT AN AUDITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D). Throwing her phone back in her bag, she rounded a corner, a laugh blossoming in her chest and exploding from her mouth.

She didn't care she was covered in sticky, strawberry slushie.

She didn't care she looked crazy as she ran all the way home, laughing like a mad woman.

She didn't care people gave her strange looks.

She got an audition.


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