9 - The Typical Flustered Lass

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Sebastian Stan was in her apartment.

How did he even get her address?

It didn't really matter.

Sebastian Stan was in her apartment.

Sam shook her head and jogged over to her chest of drawers, quickly throwing on a pair of skinny jeans and a top that wasn't as wrinkled as the rest. She glanced in a mirror and winced; she had really, really knotted hair. It was practically in dreadlocks. Samantha ran a brush through it quickly and threw it into a ponytail, hoping that was good enough (he was probably used to seeing models and actresses everyday anyway).

Sam walked out of her room and shut the door, twisting her hands nervously infront of her. "Would you like something to drink?"

Sebastian looked up from where he was sitting on the couch, one of his arms thrown over the back. He turned around to throw her a smug smile. "A slushie, perhaps?" Sam's eyes widened as Sebastian grinned. "I'm kidding. Just some water, please."

The girl swallowed as she walked to the kitchen, grabbing a clean glass from the cupboard and filling it up. Great, Sebastian was never going to let the slushie thing go. Sighing, she composed herself and walked into the living room, handing the glass to him. Their fingers brushed, and Sam shivered. Sebastian seemed to sense it and he held eye contact with her as she sat down, away from him on the other side of the table. What's wrong with me? Sam thought as she fidgeted with the corner of a cushion. He's hot but he's not that hot.

As if reading her mind, Sebastian licked his lips slowly after he drank, keeping an eye on Sam's reaction. Samantha refused to show if it affected her as she sat still.

Why was she acting like such an idiot? Let's see.

A: She had embarassed herself more than once infront of a celebrity she heavily admired (and not just for his acting skills).

B: Sebastian Stan was incredibly attractive. And he knew it.

C: This Sebastian Stan was in her apartment.

D: Sam only just realised how hot he actually was.

E: She was easily flustered anyway, so the previous realisation didn't really help. At all.

Sebastian cleared his throat and tapped his fingers twice on the arm of the sofa. "So, shall we get to know each other a little before we jump into the training?" He smiled slightly, and Sam lowered her eyes.

"Sure." She said, shrugging her shoulders in an effort to seem nonchalant. She sure hoped it worked.

"I'm gonna go out there and say it: what's the story behind the slushie incident?" Sam's head snapped up and she saw him smile. Damn, his accent was perfect.

 "I accidentally spilled it all over my top when I heard the news. It wasn't intentional or anything."

"The news you had me as your tutor?" Sebastian joked, smiling lopsidedly. Sam reddened.

"No, the news I got an interview." 

 "So this means a lot to you."

"Ofcourse. Why wouldn't it?" Sam looked puzzled as the actor shrugged, looking around the room as he spoke.

"Some people don't take acting very seriously as a career. I'm just checking if you're one of those people."

Sam bristled inside, a little wounded, actually. She wasn't some bimbo that decided to jump into acting just because her daddy was rich or famous or anything. As Sebastian could see by the apartment, that was not the case. "I can assure you I am definately not one of those people." 

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend." Sebastian apologised, hearing the steely undertone of her voice.

"It's fine. I'm just tired of people telling me that acting won't work out."

"It will, trust me. It might take a while, although I'm sure you can see that already." Sebastian smiled and so did Sam, loosening up. 

"Yeah. I've been trying to get a role everywhere that I can, but I'm never called back for the part." 

"Then we'd better work on that, shouldn't we?" Sebastian smiled again, standing up. Sam looked at him, confused.

"Where are we going?"

He smiled knowingly, reaching out a hand to the girl. She took it, and he pulled her up, grinning as she didn't let go of his hand. "We're going book hunting."  


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