4 - A Back-Story

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"Where's my celebrity?!" Lilly squealed as she entered the apartment, swinging the front door shut behind her. Samantha ran laughing into the hallway, jumping up and down as she hugged her.

"I can't believe it!"

"Neither can I! You're gonna be famous!"

 Sam pulled away and rolled her eyes. "Dude, it's only an audition." 

"Yeah, but think of it as a stepping stone." Sam rolled her eyes again and walked into the living room. "Tom Hiddleston had to audition. So did Chris Evans. They didn't get the part purely cause they're pretty."

"I wouldn't be surprised if they did." Sam said as Lilly sat down next to her, changing the channel on the TV.

"I'm 99% sure they didn't."

"I'm worried about it, actually."

"About what?" Lilly muted the soap opera she had switched to and turned to her best friend, who was biting her lip in thought.

"Who're they gonna have me work with? I mean, even if I get a teensie part, I'm going to be working in the general vicinity of a hottie." Lilly could see Sam was brushing this over the real problem, but went along with it.

"I don't see how that's a problem." Samantha hit her friend on the arm, just lightly.

"I'm just worried I'm gonna pale in comparison. I would definately pale in comparison to Tom. Or Sebastian. Or Robert. Or either of the Chris-es. Just, anyone who has ever worked for Marvel."

"Even Samuel L. Jackson?"

"Especially Samuel L. Jackson."

A small breath of a laugh escaped the girls but they quietened down. Lilly threw her arm around Sam's shoulders and squeezed her.

"You'll be good enough, I promise you that." She said quietly; she knew the real thing Sam was insecure about. She always did.

They'd been best friends ever since primary school. Which, yes, it seems highly unlikely, and there had been a period when they were 14 that they hated eachother, but ultimately they stuck together through most things. Samantha was there for her when Lilly's dad got diagnosed with cancer. Lilly was there for her when Sam got majorly bullied in the first year of secondary school. So it made sense that they moved in together when Sam went to drama school and Lilly went to university.

They sat there like that for a while, Sam's head on Lilly's shoulder, watching aggravated characters move around the screen, most often yelling. One soap ended, and a show about gardening began. They sat through it, not really listening or absorbing anything.

After a while Lilly rubbed Sam's shoulder and got up, stretching.

"What time do you have to get up tomorrow?"

"Around eight, why?" Sam yawned, blinking hard.

"That's why. Come on, let's get you to bed, Miss I-got-an-audition-with-Marvel."

"That's Miss Miller to you, jerk."

 "Don't call me a jerk, bitch."



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