14 - A Good Dose of Reality

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Sebastian put Sam to bed, carefully slipping off her shoes and tucking her into her bed. He closed the curtains and made sure he left the door slightly open so he could hear her if she needed anything. Her phone was on the floor, and he picked it up, placing it on the coffee table. He took off his shoes and his jacket, helping himself to a glass of water from the kitchen. 

Was he really falling for her? 

It didn't seem possible, but when he really thought about it, it was obvious. They'd spent a lot of time together this past month. He'd learned all about her past and her family, and vice versa. He trusted her just as much as she trusted him. Sebastian thought so, anyway. They'd become really good friends. Lilly had even made a joke that he was replacing her, which made them all laugh. 

That reminded him - Lilly would be wondering how the audition went.

He straightened up (he'd been absent-mindedly leaning against the kitchen counter) and walked into the living room. Picking up Samantha's phone, he typed in her password and scrolled through her contacts to find Lilly. He called her, waiting patiently.

"Sooo, how'd it gooo?" Came Lilly's voice, quiet, since the line obviously wasn't great from Portugal.

"Hi Lilly, it's Sebastian."

"Oh. That bad, huh." 

There was a pause.


"Hang on a sec, let me go inside." Lilly said. Sebastian heard a door close through the line, and the tiny amount of background noise vanish. "What happened?"

"She went in, and she got dismissed immediately."

"But how can that happen?"

"It does happen sometimes. It's unusual, but sometimes the casting team just know when someone isn't right for the character." Sebastian sighed and sat down on the couch. "You and I both know she's a brilliant actress. This is going to make Sam doubt herself even more. That's what pisses me off the most."

"Tell me about it. I have a good mind to fly back there and give them a piece of my mind."

"There's nothing we can do."

"You'll look after her until I come back, right?"

"Yeah, ofcourse. Any suggestions as to what I can do?" Sebastian asked, turning around to glance at Sam's bedroom door. Good, she was still asleep.

"Nah. You know her as well as I do." Lilly said, making Sebastian smile to himself. "I'm sure you'll figure something out. Hey, that reminds me."

"Yeah?" He said when she didn't reply. The line filled with a rustling noise, then cut off completely. "Hello?" Sebastian said. He knew there was noone there, but he liked to indulge himself. 

He tried dialling her again, but the connection was lost. What was she going to say? It was beginning to frustrate him, but he tried to focus on coming up with ways to cheer Sam up instead. 

Snatching up his jacket and Sam's keys, he left the apartment.

An hour later he was back, armed with two slushies, a bouquet of flowers, and a huge tub of triple chocolate ice cream. Dumping everything in the kitchen, he went to check on Sam.

She was still asleep. He smiled sadly, noting how she was curled up in one corner of the bed, a frown on her face. It was only when he stayed a little longer that he realised she was crying. 

He was next to her in a moment, kneeling by her head. 

"It's okay, Sam. It's alright." He said, brushing the hair away from her face. Her crying got worse, her face scrunching up. "Sam? Sam, wake up." One of her hands was clenched into a fist and he smoothed it out, intertwining his fingers with hers. 

Suddenly her eyes snapped open, scared and full of tears. 

"It's okay." Sebastian said, trying to calm her down as she started sobbing. She scrambled away from him on the bed, tugging her duvet over her head. He clambered onto the mattress after her. "Sam, it's okay."

"No!" Sam sobbed, her voice muffled. Sebastian caught her just before she fell off the bed. He wound his arms around the lump of duvet, pulling her backwards. 

"Sam, it's me, it's okay." 

The lump stopped thrashing as Sam resurfaced, her arms suddenly pulling him into a hug. Sebastian fell down next to her with a yelp. 

"Please don't leave." Sam sobbed, burying her face into his chest. He frowned, shifting into a more comfortable position as he hugged her back.

"I won't leave, Sam."

"Promise?" She clutched him tighter.



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