12 - Dream a Little Dream of Me

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"Sam..." Her name on his lips was like a kiss in itself, drifting across the darkened room. "Oh, Sam." The girl swallowed, hyper aware of her back pressed up against the cold wall. She tried to quell the arousal within her. 

He's technically your boss. Get it together.

She faintly saw Sebastian step closer, the edges of his shadow dancing on the floor. The yellow of the streetlight added a strange glint to his eyes and an even stranger feel to her room. 

"Do you have any idea how long I've been wanting you..." His voice dropped an octave, and Sam felt him come closer, the heat from his body invading her senses. She bit her lip, watching as Sebastian crowded into her personal space, the edges of his jacket brushing against her shirt. 

Get it together, you idiot. You shouldn't want this!

She jumped a little as she felt fingers cup her chin, a thumb trailing across her lip. His touch felt beautiful but almost painful on her skin, like fire and ice. Sam's eyes closed.

"Do you have any idea how long I've been wanting to taste you, Sam?" 

Sam opened her eyes to the orange light of dawn seeping in through her curtains, her sheets tangled around the bottom of the bed. Sitting up, she rubbed a hand across her face and pushed her hair away from her eyes. 

What the fuck was that?

The girl blinked, trying to shake the feeling of hands on her skin and lips on hers. More importantly, Sebastian's hands and Sebastian's lips. Swallowing, she got out of bed and stretched. One glance at the clock on her wall told her it was 6:30am. An hour until the car was picking her up.

Figuring she wasn't going to get any more sleep, she grabbed her phone off the bedside table and headed out to the kitchen, checking her phone for any messages while she waited for the coffee machine. 

One message from Lilly:

I hope you got enough sleep, buttercup! I wish you the best of luck for today. Go slay em like the badass you are. xxx

Lilly was in Portugal with her parents, leaving Sam to deal with the apartment for a week. She hadn't wanted to leave, not when Sam's audition was today, but Sam had physically pushed her out the door; Lilly needed to spend time with her family, especially now that her Dad had fully recovered. 

Sam sighed, thinking of Lilly tanning out by some pool somewhere, while she was stuck with the rainy June of England. Humidity with no sun was simply no fun. 

One message from Sebastian:

I'll be coming to pick you up at around 7:30. Make sure you wake up this time ;) 

Samantha snorted, rolling her eyes as she blindly grabbed around for a mug from the draining board. Seb had never forgiven her for that. She typed a quick reply before pouring out her coffee:

Oh come on, that was one time!

Sitting down at the island, she sipped her coffee and smiled to herself. Sam was proud that she had conquered her sort-of fear of acting normal around Sebastian. After a few days she'd gotten used to his presence, and saw him as a normal guy. A normal, attractive, talented, funny guy. Yeah, she was in trouble. 

Her phone vibrated. He'd replied.

And I suppose I should overlook the few hundred other times? Or do they not count?

Sam smiled and typed out a one-handed reply before seeing the time and walking to the bathroom for a quick shower.

I have no idea what you're talking about 

After her shower she got dressed, picking out the outfit she'd been saving: a pastel pink dress with a black collar, topped with a pale blue cardigan. Blue ballet flats finished it off. She pushed her hair into a sloppy bun, figuring she looked presentable. 

By the time she was ready, she only had five minutes to spare. Sam ran over her lines again and again, practising in the mirror above the bathroom sink. Her phone buzzed in her pocket. 

I'm here, come on down 

Taking a deep breath, Sam took her papers and keys before leaving and walking down to the ground floor, her stomach turning circles like a washing machine. Sebastian was waiting for her, leaning on the car. He smiled at her, opening the door, but the smile she gave him was watery and anxious.

"Just breathe. You'll be fine." He said, reading her mind. A hand to her lower back, he guided her into the car, shutting the door after her. He got in the other side, smiling at her again. "You actually got up on time today." 

Sam rolled her eyes, grateful for the change in subject. "Hilarious."

"I've been told I am, yeah." He grinned at her and she laughed.

"Who told you that, your mother?" She asked sarcastically, distracting herself from her nerves by focusing on the way his eyes twinkled when he looked mock-offended.

"It counts!"

"Sure it does."

They fell into a comfortable silence. Well, it would have been comfortable, were it not for the fact that Sam's life-long dream could either be achieved or broken today. Taking a deep breath, the girl closed her eyes for a moment, trying to calm herself. It didn't really work. Sebastian cleared his throat from next to her.

"You look lovely." He said gently, making her blush and roll her eyes.

"Thanks." She said. She looked down at her hands, which were ferociously gripping the script in her lap. Frowning, she noticed that she'd creased the paper badly, and she tried smoothing it out.

"They'll give you another one in there, you know." Sebastian said, smiling as Sam looked up at him. 

"I know. I just like having something familiar in there with me." 

"I'll be in there." He smiled reassuringly. 

"Yeah, in the other room. At least you won't see me fuck up." She swallowed and turned back to straightening out the papers, her fingers trembling slightly. Sebastian scooted closer to her and put his arm around her shoulders. Sam leaned into him automatically. She couldn't really help it.

"You won't fuck up. You'll do great, trust me. Trust yourself." He said, rubbing her shoulder soothingly. 

"What makes you so sure I can do it?" Sam said, frowning as Sebastian pulled away so he could look at her properly. He grinned, his eyes making her butterflies worse in a nice way. 

"Because you had me training you." 

Sam pushed away, rolling her eyes, but she couldn't stop the smile that came to her lips. 

"You're so full of yourself."

"You know it." Sebastian winked, making her laugh. 

The car slowed to a crawl as it turned into a small side-street, the engine cutting off. Sam's laughter disappeared. 

"Here we go. Ready?" Sebastian asked, his face turning serious. 



First things first, I know I'm an awful human being for doing the typical humongous skip in time. I'm honestly sorry (please don't hate me too much). Fellow fic writers will know what I'm going through right now. It's incredibly hard to keep writing this story but I'm working through it.

Secondly, I'm nearly finished with this fic. There's maybe three or four chapters left? I just thought I'd tell you.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Elizabeth x

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