Chapter Twenty-One - Hiding & Confrontation

Chris' Point Of View

"Hey," a voice said, shaking my shoulder lightly, "Chris."

"Go away," I told them groggily.

"You need to get up!" They repeated, "they're coming over in fifteen!"

My eyes slowly peeled open, "who?"

"The guys, girls, and Kent! And your brother!" Macy yelled, shaking me harder now.


She nodded, looking frantically around the room muttering "this is yours, and this, this too."

"Mace what're you doin'?"

"We have to get your stuff out!" She exclaimed loudly.

My eyes widened and I let out a string of profanities under my breath. I shot off the couch, changing out of my clothes that were dirt and bug covered from when Ian and I ventured into the woods, and I threw on some jeans and a red crop top.

"You don't have to look cute, just hurry up!" She told me loudly.

I rolled my eyes, "these are my only clean clothes besides booty shorts."

"I'm sure Ian would love you in booty shorts." She mumbled.

"What?" I asked, turning around so I was facing her.

Her eyes were wide and she pursed her lips tightly together. She shrugged, "nothing."

I bit my lip. I knew she was lying but I decided not to bring it up. She probably just wanted to mess with me.

Macy and I soon finished packing, and just as I was about to walk out the door, the doorbell rang throughout the house.


"Is there a back way?" I asked her hopefully.

She nodded her head and brought my bag towards the screen door.

"We're coming in!" My brother yelled loudly.

"Fuck!" I wasn't out the door yet because Macy had to get the key to unlock it. What kind of family has a key to unlock their back door?

"No! I-I'm naked!" Macy screamed just as the door was creaking open.

It quickly slammed and I heard a few cat calls making me laugh.

"Kent wants to come in! He just said so himself!" Ryan yelled through the door.

I snickered wolf whistling at Macy as she was getting the key out of the kitchen.

The door opened and I could see Ryan's head poke in. He didn't see me, but I dove behind the couch, out of sight from the entryway.

"You're a terrible liar Macy." I heard Kent say.

There were various "ugh" and "get a room" calls so I had a feeling Kent and Macy were doing something PG-13.

The couch made a sinking noise and I felt it shift a little. Crap! Someone's sitting on it!

I stayed quiet looking around Macy's living room for somewhere to sneak away too. There was a small wooden table next to the brown leather couch that had a lamp on it. The fireplace was in the middle of the room, against the wall, and there was a multicolored screen a foot in front of it. Yes! I thought, I'll hide behind the screen.

How do I get over there?

I crawled a little further under the couch to the table and peeked out from underneath it. I saw Salem was turned towards me and I started at her until she looked around and finally caught my eye. Her dark eyes widened and she quickly glanced around to make sure no one else saw me.

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