Chapter 26

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"Taylor!" I said smiling and he looked up smiling slightly. Weird. "Come here" I said opening my arms just a little bit. He smirked and said walking over to me to hug me then Jason pulled me away from him.

"Oh hell no" Jason said as his arm was gripped on my arm.

"Guys she's mine" Justin said pulling me away from both of them. Then he started kissing me. I smiled through the kiss. I pulled away and just smiled him. "You're so cute" He said and hugged me. I pulled away and laughed. I turned around and he wrapped his arms around me and I leaned against him and we all talked.

**2 Days Later**

It's been two days since the concert. I was asked to do an interview soon. The day after the graduation. And the graduation is tomorrow. So we're flying there tonight. I'm actually excited, but scared too. I don't know if Justin's back yet. He went to get his suit he's gonna wear. I walked out of my room and started walking down stairs till I heard Justin fighting with someone on the phone. I stayed there and listen.

"Bullshit!" He said madly. "oh really? you really think you can do that?" He sounds pissed. "Get it through your think head that she's not yours" "yeah I understand that" "Listen I don't wanna see you with her till you start to film the movie and only when you film it" "Watch yourself Caniff" Oh my god. It's talking to Taylor. Then I heard, I think, his phone drop to the ground.

"Bro what's wrong with you! Chill" I heard Jason say.

"This bitch thinks he can take Jamie from me" Justin said pissed off.

"Well you know he can't. You're so protective of her when it comes to boys and shit"

"Yeah I know. But" he stopped talking.

"Do you trust her?"

"Yeah. But I don't want her with Taylor because he would do anything. He doesn't care"

"Don't stress over it. Just make sure she can trust you and make her know that you trust her"

"Alright thanks man"

"No problem. And you should go get a new phone" I heard Justin chuckled and so did Jason.

"I will" Then I acted like I didn't hear anything and I walked in.

"Hey guys" I said then I kissed Justin's cheek. "Justin what happened to your phone?"

"I dropped it when I was getting my suit" He lied and I nodded.

"Jason are you coming with us?" I asked Jason.

"Nah I'm going home today" he said. I nodded.

"I'm gonna go finish packing" I said then ran up the stairs. I walked into my room and I heard someone trying to video chat me. I ran and answered it. It's Austin. "Hey Austin" I answered.

"Hey." He smiled. "Are you guys coming today or tomorrow?"

"Well we need to be at the airport in two hours and we'll probably be there at like 10 or 11." I said and he nodded.

"Where are you guys staying?" He asked.

"Ryan's house"

"Oh. There's something really important that I have to tell you" he said smiling. Then Justin came in before I could saw anything.

"Austin was just on the news. He's going on tour with Ed Sheeran" Justin said looking like he just ran up here. I looked at Austin.

"Austin Carter Mahone! When were you gonna tell me?!" I joked as I was smiling.

"That's what I was about to tell you" He said laughing.

"Oh" I laughed and looked at Justin.

"I'm gonna go pack" Justin laughed then left the room. I looked back at Austin.

"I'm so proud" I said

"Thanks. I'm nervous"

"You'll be fine." I grabbed my phone to tweet. "I'm tweeting this" I said and he laughed.

@jamiecollins: Big news! My friend @austinmahone is going on tour with Ed Sheeran! #proud

I hit tweet then put my phone down. "So when's the first concert?"

"In two weeks"

"Oh well I'm going" I said and he chuckled.

"It's in London I think"

"So I'm still going" I laughed.

"I'm just opening up for him"

"I know" He shook his head as he smiled. Then my phone started ringing "I don't know this number." i said then answered. "Hello" I said as I answered.

"Hi. This is Jamie Collins right?" they asked.

"Yes. Who is this?"

"This is Jacob Whitesides."

"Jacob! Hey I haven't seen you in a while"

"Yeah. Taylor gave me your number. If that's fine"

"Yeah its fine. What's up"

"I was wondering if you wanted to do a collab"

"Sure when?"

"Well Magcon is going to San Diego soon maybe you could go and we can do it there"

"Of course! I just have to make sure I'm not filming that day"

"Okay thanks"

"No problem bye" I said them we hung up. "I'm sorry about that"

"It's fine. I'll see you tomorrow I gotta go"

"Alright bye" I said and then he hung up too. I can't believe that he's doing it. It's amazing. Then I heard a knock on my door. "Come in" then my mom walked in.

"We're leaving in a few minutes" She said

"Okay I'll be down soon" I said then she walked out. I put my shoes on, grabbed my phone and put my laptop in my bag. I walked down stairs and saw Justin on the couch on his phone. He looked up at me and smiled. Oh god I love his smile. He looked out the window then back at his phone but I thought I saw something on his neck. I walked over to him. "Justin what's on you're neck?" I asked. He looked confused. "Look to your right" I said then he did. He had another tattoo. "What did you get that tattoo?"

"Last night" he smirked.

"Of course" I said and he chuckled. I smiled.

"Come on lovers" Kenny said and we laughed. Justin stood up and grabbed his bag then mine.

"Justin it's fine I can carry it" I said

"Nah I can" he said then walked outside. Then my mom walked in and she smiled. We walked outside together and looked the door. We got in the car and I sat next to Justin. "You're so cute" I heard Justin say. I smiled at him and he pecked my lips. He put his arm around my shoulders and I leaned my head on his chest. "You can sleep on the plane" I nodded.

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