Chapter 14

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Cassia's POV
After Kol said that I'm his he pulled me to him. The rest of the Mikaelson's were laughing. I looked at Rebekah and she nodded.
"Actually boys she's mine," Bekah said and pulled me away from Kol and my brothers.
They looked at us in shock. Kol was glaring at his sister.
"She's right," I said.
"But we're twinning today, Darling," Kol pouted.
"Awe you look so cute when you pout," I chuckled.
He growled and crossed his arms with a pouty face. Bekah laughed at him and pulled me to the table. She pushed me into a chair and sat across from me. She looked at me and smiled.
"Okay first we need to figure out your bridesmaids and groomsmen," Bekah began.
Andrea came and sat with us right then.
"Okay well Andrea will be one of my bridesmaids of course and Marcel will be a groomsman along with the rest of the Mikaelson boys besides Finn who's gonna and hopefully be the preacher," I paused and looked at Finn.
He nodded his head at me with a smile.
I smiled and continued, "Nikki will be the best man and Rebekah I was hoping that you would be my maid of honor?" I asked her.
She looked shocked but nodded anyways.
"Great now my brothers are gonna walk me down the ile. And we need one more bridesmaid," I said.
"How about Davina?" Andrea suggested.
"Oh my god I completely forgot about her yes she's the last bridesmaid," I said.
"Now we have Nik, Elijah, and Marcel for the groomsmen and Rebekah, Davina, and myself for the bridesmaid," Andrea said.
"Who's walking with who?" Bekah asked.
"Nikki will walk with Bekah since their the maid of honor and best man. Andrea will walk with Elijah. Marc-mellow will walk with Davina," I said.
"Okay next who will bring the rings?" Bekah asked.
"First of all I don't trust the boys with the rings so it's either you, Andrea, or Davina," I said.
"I can do it," Finn suggest.
"He is the preacher," Andrea said.
"Alright Finn but if you lose the rings I'll kill you," I said.
"Alright next is the season you want it in," Andrea said.
"Spring," Kol's voice popped up beside me.
"Really?" I ask.
"Yup I love the spring and you," He said. "My two favorite things."
"Alright next is the theme," Bekah said writing.
"There has to be a light blue but what other color?" I ask Kol.
"How about peach or silver?" He asks.
"I like silver and light blue together," I said.
"Okay," He said.
"Okay what about the bridesmaids dresses?" Rebekah asks.
"How about Blue for the bridesmaids and silver or gray for the maid of honor?" I ask.
"I like that," Andrea and Bekah said.
"Okay I know it's only the winter but can we look at wedding dresses?" A voice asked behind us.
We turned and saw Davina.
"Davina!?!" I yelled.
I ran to her and hugged her. She hugged me back.
"Okay I get a text from Marcel saying I'm a bridesmaid and I don't even know who's getting married," She said.
"I am," I said.
I showed her my ring and she gasped. She grabbed my hand to examine it.
"It's gorgeous but not as gorgeous as the guy over there," She said looking at Damon.
"Oh my god Davina that's my twin!!!!!" I shrieked.
"So now who's marring Cassia?!?!" She yelled.
"That would be me," Kol said coming to us.
Davina grabbed his hand so she could do the thing she does. She looked at me with a serious face.
"He's good," She said with a small smile creeping onto her face.
Kol sighed of relief, "Thank god."
"But seriously I want to look at wedding dresses," Davina said.
"I agree with Davina," I said and the other girls nodded. "Damon you're coming with us and Stefan you're staying with the guys."
"What!?!?!? why!?!??!" Damon shouted.
Stefan was laughing at him.
"Because Stefan is gonna do some house work with the guys," I said.
All the guys stopped and looked at me. Damon was laughing at them.
I smiled and said, "Okay I want the house spotless. Call Marc-mellow to help you."
The girls, Damon, and I grabbed what we needed and went to the store. We've been there only ten minutes and Damon's already complaining.
"Damon if you don't shut the hell up I'm gonna send you back home to help clean the house!!!!" I threatened.
I listened and there was not a sound.
"That's what I thought," I called.
"Girls first I'm gonna look for bridesmaid dresses. Then my dress," I said.
They nodded but Davina was busy stalking my brother.
"Hey Davina," Began yelled at her.
"What?" She asked.
"Stop stalking my brother," I said grinning.
She blushed and looked down.
"I would never," She said.
We all rolled out eyes.
"Oh my god I found the maid of honor dress," I said.
I showed it Rebekah and she flipped.
"It's so cute," She squealed.   
"Great," I say.
We searched for the perfect bridesmaid dresses. Then I found them.
"I found them," I said and squealed.
They saw them and their jaws dropped. They all went to put their dresses on.
"Damon come here," I called over my shoulder.
He came to me and stood beside me.
"Come on out girls," I said and they all walked out.
Damon was looking at all of them but his gaze lingered on Davina.
"Rebekah you look good as do you Andrea. But Davina I'm sorry but you look.....gorgeous," Damon says.
She blushes and looks at Damon.
"Let's change so we can find Cassia's dress," Bekah said.
They squealed and quickly changed. We spent the next four hours finding my dress. We finally did and I Damon and he started crying. I hugged him and wiped his tears. He only cries when he gets overwhelmed. I guess my looks overwhelmed him.

I'll be showing the dresses on the day of the wedding. It's coming quickly and so is Rebekah's birthday.

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