Chapter 17

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Kol's POV
She was gone. I have no one left. The love of my life is gone and the last thing she heard from me is screaming. I broke her heart and now I'm broke on the inside and the outside. My heart is slowly breaking apart. I can feel it breaking and cracking. I never got to be her husband, I never got to tell her that I still loved her, now it's to late. The funeral is in one day. Everyone from Music Falls came to New Orleans for the funeral. They came about a week ago. The girls went shopping for dresses and the men went to get tux's. I haven't left our room for two weeks. I've been crying constantly and I wouldn't talk to anyone. Rebekah has been coming to give me blood bags. She had Finn, Elijah, and Nik hold me down while she forced the blood down my throat. I gagged and chocked on the blood. I always ended up screaming at them.

-Funeral Day-
Third-person POV
Kol got dressed for the funeral as did everyone else. The vampires didn't know what to do without their queen. Bonnie, Elena, Caroline, Rebekah, Elijah, Niklaus, Finn, Jeremy, Alaric, Tyler, Marcel, Andrea, Diego, and Matt were broken at the loss of their friend. Damon was feeling it the second worst. He lost his twin and he was broken. Stefan didn't know how to deal with the loss of his big sister. Kol got hit with feelings the worst. His heart was shattering and he had tried to kill himself more than once this week. He stole the White Oak Stake from Niklaus but he stopped Kol just in time. Once everyone was done they meet downstairs. They saw Kol and he looked horrible. They looked at the casket in the middle of the room. They walked to it and opened the lid. The room started to fill as the other vampires arrived. Everyone stood around Cassia's casket. Tears streamed down their faces and looked at Kol. The vampires beside Elijah, Kol, Rebekah, Finn, Damon, Caroline, Stefan, and Niklaus got down on one knee and bowed their heads.

Kol's POV
Davina joined them on one knee. I was standing in the back away from everyone. Nik looked at me and nodded. I had to give the eulogy. I walked up to the casket and looked at her. Everyone surrounded me and I began.
"Cassia Salvatore was the perfect women. She was a friend, a bestie to some, a fiancee, a queen, and most of all an older loving sister. She was taken from us by the werewolves. Cassia may be gone but she will never be forgotten by anyone. She'll go on living in our hearts and mind. But for now until we all meet her again rest in peace my love," I said kissing her forehead.
Everyone was crying and said some heartfelt things about Cassia. Then we buried her.

-Three years later-
Third-person POV
Kol became a drunk and slept with a lot of women. Rebekah shut people out. Niklaus became cold and rude once again. Elijah became his broading self again. Finn became distant. Damon started dating Davina but soon went on a killing spree. Stefan became the Ripper of Monterey again. Davina became a very rude person. Marcel became ruthless and killed most of the werewolves in the Bayou. Andrea broke up with Diego and started sleeping with random people. Diego moved away from New Orleans and became a mass murderer. Elena broke up with Stefan and started dating Matt. Tyler died by a gunshot wound. Bonnie killed Jeremy on accident and lost her powers. Alaric drinks much more than he used to. Caroline became a bloodaholic. She was sleeping with Niklaus as well. Nothing was ever the same after Cassia died.

Just kidding......
Cassia jumped awake and screamed. It was all a dream. Kol never broke up with her and it was the night before her wedding. Wedding nerves. The girls came running into her room. They were staying at a hotel so the boys couldn't see the bride. They found her crying and rocking back and forth. Rebekah rushed to her and told her soothing things.
"It was just a dream," Rebekah whispered.
Cassia looked up and saw her friends looking at her with worry. She nodded and began to calm down.
"What was your dream about?" Andrea asked.
"It was Rebekah's birthday party but Kol got mad. He stormed away and we had a huge fight. He ended up breaking up with me and I was killed by the werewolves. You all became ruthless and terrifying. It was horrible," Cassia whispered and rocked back and forth.
"It's okay, it was all a dream," Davina soothed her.
"I know," Cassia whispered.
"Go back to sleep. It's only three in the morning. We'll have to get up in a couple of hours so we can start getting ready for your wedding," Rebekah said.
"Okay," Cassia said and the girls helped her back into the bed.
They waited til she fell asleep before leaving her room and going back to bed.

Okay I know some of you hate me right now but I at least it was all just a dream and not real life or Cassia would really be dead and gone for good. Sorry for that.

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