Chapter 1

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Cassia's POV
I'm going home to visit my brothers and a little birdy told me that the Mikaelson's are there. I just pulled up to the boarding house. I saw the ugly car that belongs to my younger brother Stefan and the awesome car that looks like mine that is black but his is blue that belongs to my twin Damon. Knowing my brothers they don't like to change their cars. I got out of my car and walk to the door. I open the door and walk inside. I walk to the living room to find my brothers with a lot of other people.
"Hello Brothers," I say and everyone turns to me.
Stefan and Damon smile instantly and I'm in the arms if my twin before I even have time to say hi to the rest of the people. Damon pulled away and Stefan pulled me to him.
"Cassia I haven't seen you since the 50's. How are you?" Stefan asks, letting go of me.
"I'm peachy, how are you the two of you?" I ask looking in-between my brothers.
"We're great but Stefan turned it off again," Damon says to me.
I turn to my younger brother and punch him harder than I have ever hit him before.
"You idiot. Why the bloody hell did you do that?" I yell at him.
"Okay first of all oww. Second I was compelled to by Klaus Mikaelson," he says rubbing his arm where I had punched him.
"Of course it was Nikki," I say to myself and look at everyone who's attention was on me.
"Hi I'm Cassia Salvatore. Damon's identical twin," I say smiling.
"Damon has a twin. Oh well I'm Caroline Forbes," a bubbly blonde says skipping over to me.
"I'm Matt Donovan" a blonde kid says.
"I'm Tyler Lockwood gorgeous," says a boy with black hair.
I roll my eyes at him and my brothers laugh.
"Hi I'm Alaric Saltzman but call me Ric," an older looking man says.
"I'm Bonnie Bennett," says a pretty dark skinned girl with brown hair.
"I'm Jeremy Gilbert," a cute guy with brown hair says.
"I'm Elena Gilbert not Katherine Pierce," says a girl that looks the same as Kathrine.
"It's nice to meet you all know Damon would you be a dear and get my stuff from my car please," I said looking at him.
He smiled and nodded. I threw my keys at him which he caught and walked out the door.
"Which one of you is older?" Bonnie asks.
"I am by 6 minutes. Shh, Damon doesn't like people to know," I say and everyone laughs.
Damon walks back in and glares at me and says, "I heard that."
I laugh with everyone else but Damon. I take my bags and take them to my room. I walk back downstairs to find everyone else gone besides my brothers.
"Get dressed we're going to a dinner party with the Mikaelson's," Damon says.
"Okay," I say and left to get dressed.
I walk downstairs in a black dress to see my brothers waiting for me and the bottom steps.
They see me and smile.
"You look gorgeous as always sister," Stefan says.
I look at him and say, "I'm still mad you but you two look dashing."
Damon grins and holds the door open for me. I smile and walk to my car. I get in with Stefan. Damon got into his own car. We drove to one of the Mikaelson's many Manors. We got there and got out. We walked to the door and knocked. The door opened to reveal Elijah. He saw me and pulled me into a hug.
"It's great to see you again Cassia," he says releasing me.
"You too Elijah," I say and my brothers look at me.
"Oh right I already know most of the originals," I say and they frown.
"Niklaus our guest are here and they brought someone with them," Elijah calls as we walk to Nikki.
We walk into the dining room. I saw Nikki and smiled. He saw and grinned.
"Cassia Salvatore, my best friend," he says walking over to me.
"Nikki Mikaelson," I say as he pulled me to him for a hug.
"It's great to see you again dear friend," Nikki says letting me go.
"Where Rebekah, Nikki," I ask.
"She's taking a nap," he said and I slapped the back of his head.
"Oww," he says.
Elijah chuckles along with my brothers.
"I give you my word that I will wake her later," he says pulling out a chair for me to sit at.
I sit down and Elijah and Nikki each sit on either side of me. I tune out their conversation until I hear Stefan scream. I look up to see Nikki holding Stefan's arm in the fire and Damon being held against the wall by Elijah.
"Nikki, Elijah," I growl but they completely ignore me.
"Bring me my sister Damon or I will burn him alive," Nikki says.
"Like hell if you will Nikki!!!" I yell at him.
Again he ignores me.
"Go with him brother. Keep him true to his word. And when you get back I promise you I will reunite you with our family," he tells Elijah and he nods walking out with my twin.
"What the hell Nikki!!!" I scream at him.
"When they get back you get to see all your friends again I promise," he said and I glare at him.
"You will not kill my brother," I say firmly.
"You have my word my dear friend," he says.
He lets go of Stefan and I run over to him. I help him up and drag him to one of the waitresses.
"Drink," I say to him.
He does what he's told and after that I pull him away from the girl and feed her my blood. Elijah and Damon walk back in.
"Elijah why haven't you left yet?" Nikki questions.
"Where are my manners. We forgot dessert," he says and a waitresses walks over to him holding a tray.
He takes the towel off from on top of the tray to reveal daggers. I gasp along with Nikki. I look at him and then Stefan to Damon as a guy in old clothing walks in. He looks like Elijah. He takes a dagger and stabs Nikki.
"Hello Brother," he says. 


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