Chapter 4

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Cassia's POV
"Oh come on Darlin' can't we be friends?" Kol asked.
"No, no we can't Jackass," I reply smiling sweetly.
"Darlin' you're mean," Kol whined.
"Care to dance love?" Nikki ask.
"I'd love to Nikki," I reply as he held his hand out.
I took his hand and heard Kol growl. Nikki smirked at him and lead me to the ball room. We got into position, he pulled close and tipped me. I laughed as he pulled me up and he smiles at me.
"I'm so glad that we're best friend love," Nikki says as he leads me across the dance floor.
"So am I Nikki," I say grinning.
I kiss his cheek and he kisses mine. I see my brothers staring at me. I smile at them and they give me a look that says 'Come here'. I nod and look at Nikki he's looking at something over my shoulder.
"Nikki I have to go see my brothers okay," I say getting his attention.
"Okay love I'll see you later," Nikki says and kisses my cheek.
I smile and walk away to my brothers. They smile at me. I hug Damon then Stefan as they smile at me.
"Hello Brothers, what do you need?" I ask.
"When did Klaus and you become best friends?" Damon asked raising his eyebrow.
"We've been best friends since 1864 in my early vampire years. Got a problem with that boys?" I question them.
They shake their heads.
"Goo-," I was saying when I heard Elijah's voice.
"Thank you all for coming tonight. If you could please gather around. When my family gets together we call for a celebration. So tonight we are having a traditional dance. Tonight's dance is a century old dance. So if you could please find yourself a partner and head on into the ball room," Elijah says.
I was standing there not wanting to dance when someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned to see Jackass standing there.
"Would you like to dance with me darlin'?" He asks holding out his hand.
I sigh and say, "It is tradition."
I place my hand in his and he leads me to the ball room. We start dancing to 'Give Me Love' by Ed Sheeran.
"I love this song," I say as the dance begins.
"Rebekah picked them out," Kol replied gazing at me.
We were dancing and Jackass wouldn't stop staring at me.
"What are you staring at Jackass?" I question him.
"Stop calling me Jackass," he said firmly.
"Why should I?" I ask him.
He stopped dancing and grabbed my hand. He dragged me out of the ball room. We passed Nikki and I looked at him signaling for help. He nodded slightly and looked at his other siblings. They all nodded and looked at me. Kol dragged me down the hall and to the stairs. He dragged me upstairs and to a random room. He opened the door and pushed me inside.
"What the hell Jackass!?!?!?!" I yelled at him.
He pushed me up against the wall and shoved his hand inside my chest. He gripped my heart and looked me in the eyes.
"Stop calling me Jackass or I'm gonna kill you," he said in a dangerously low voice.
"If you're going to kill me then do it," I struggled to say.
Nikki ran into the room and started to threaten him. I saw the other Mikaelson siblings and my siblings running into the room. My brothers saw me and started towards Kol but Elijah stopped them. I was gasping as Kol finally released me. I fell to the ground and gasped as my chest healed. Nikki rushed to me and hugged me.
"Are you okay love?" Nikki asked not letting go of me.
"What do you think Nikki?!?!?!" I yelled at him.
"Stefan, Damon take your sister home now," Finn said walking over to Kol, "We'll deal with our brother."
Damon rushed to my side and picked me up bridal style.

Kol's POV
I watched as Damon ran to Cassia. I carefully picked her up and ran out the manor. My brothers and sister turn to me and glare. Nik walks up to me and punches me square in the jaw.
"Okay I deserve that," I say rubbing my jaw.
"You deserve a lot more than that. Cassia is an amazing girl and a great best friend. If you ever lay another hand on her I will drive the white oak stake through your heart, do you understand?" Nik growls at me.
"What's so special about her?!?!" I yell at him.
"She's my best friend and she's also a hybrid. A vampire and a witch," Nik yells at me.
"How can she be both. That's impossible," I replied confused.
"She was a witch before she was killed in 1864 now shut up and never touch her again Kol or you'll be sorry," Nik growled.
"Go to hell brother," I growl at him.
I then walked out of the room and to my room. I slammed the door shut and punched the wall. I felt my bones brake. I growled in pain as I fixed my hand. 'I told her to stop calling me Jackass but she didn't so I had to be my usual self and try to kill her. I'm such an idiot I can't believe I'm back to killing for what I want. Screw it I'm just gonna kill her even if my siblings don't like it or not' I think to myself and then mentally slapped myself. 'Who am I kidding, I have feelings for her that I need to get rid of' I think to myself as I change my clothes. I went into deep sleep dreaming about Cassia.

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