Chapter 2

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Cassia's POV
"Kol," Nikki whispers.
I watch as another man walks in.
"Finn," Nikki says in fear.
Finn grabs the other dagger and stabs Nikki in the stomach. Rebekah then walks in she sees me and smiles. She puts her attention back on Nikki.
"Sister," he says.
"Damon and Stefan you are free to go. Cassia stays here this is family business," Elijah says.
They look at me and walk out but not before hugging me. They walk out and Rebekah walks over to me.
"Cassia, it's great to see you again," she says as she pulls me into her for a hug.
She squeals as she hugs me.
"You and I are going shopping tomorrow," she says.
"Cassia could I speak to you?" Nikki asks.
"No Nikki. You're an asshole for having Bekah daggered," I say to him.
He frowns slightly at me but nods. Mini Elijah/Kol looks at me and smiles. I frown at him as he walks over.
"Hello love what's your name?" he asks.
"None of your damn business," I say.
Everyone laughs but Kol. He glares at. I smile at him, he vamp steeds the rest of the distance between us. In a blink of an eye he has me by the throat up against the wall.
"I'm gonna ask again, what's your name?" he asks me.
"Cassia," I growl at him.
Nikki runs over and rips Kol off of me. Kol smiles at him and Bekah and Elijah glare at him.
"You do not touch her brother," Nikki growls at him standing in front of me.
Finn walks over to me and says, "Forgive Kol he's just being a jackass. I'm Finn."
"Hello Finn and I agree with you he is a jackass."
"Come on Cassia I'll walk you to your car," Elijah says.
I smile at everyone but jackass and walk over to Elijah.
"Cassia I almost forgot. You look amazing in that dress," Bekah yells after us.
I laughed at her comment.
"Be back here tomorrow by 10 o'clock," she yells out knowing that I like to sleep.
I stop instantly. I turned and looked at her. Nikki was laughing and Elijah was chuckling. I hit Elijah which caused him to chuckle even more. I turned my attention back to Rebekah. I glared at her and she smiled.
"Oh hell no. The earliest I get here is 11:59. You know I like to sleep in and Nikki will you shut the hell up," I said.
Nikki tried to hold in his laughter but couldn't. I held my hand out to Elijah. He knew I needed something to throw at him. He handed me a vase. I chunked it at Nikki. He was to busy laughing to realize it but by the time he did it was to late. It hit him and shattered. Finn, Bekah, Elijah, and myself died laughing. Kol just stood there looking at me.
"One to Cassia, zero to Nikki," I say in triumph.
Nikki says, "You are so lucky that I like you or you would be dead."
I rolled my eyes and said, "Yea okay."
Kol looked back and forth between us.
"What are you doing brother? Why aren't you killing her?" he asks.
Nikki and I look at him then back at each other and we start laughing. Kol looks at us weirdly.
"Their best friends. They would never hurt each other on propose only for fun," Bekah explained.
Nikki and I stopped laughing and Elijah held his arm out for me to take. I smiled at him and gladly took his arm.
"Bye I'll see you guys at noon," I say as we walk out the door.
"Bye Cassia," Everyone yells but Kol and Elijah.
We walk out of the Manor and to my car.
"Goodbye Cassia. I will see you tomorrow dear friend," he said and kissed my cheek.
"Bye Elijah," I said and got into my car and drove off.
I got home and was surprised that my brothers didn't hug me to death. 'Their probably asleep already' I thought to myself. I walked upstairs and took a shower. I changed into some Harry Potter shorts and a tank top.

I walk into my room and notice that my window was open

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I walk into my room and notice that my window was open.
"What the bloody hell? How'd that open?" I ask to myself.
I shake my head and close the window. I felt another person's presence in the room. I quickly turn around. I then remembered I put a spell on my room. So no one can hear. I look around the room but no ones there.
"Who ever is in here. You're making an mistake. I will kill you," I say loudly.
I heard something by my ear.
"I can't be killed, love," says an all to familiar voice.
"Jackass why are you in my room?" I ask turning around.
There he stood in a different outfit with a smirk on his face.
"I was just wondering why my family likes you so much," he said looking at me with chocolate brown eyes.
"How should I know that's something you ask your family," I reply back.
He gives me a look and says, "I also didn't get to say Goodbye."
"Actually you did but you didn't say anything. Know you can leave I want to go to bed," I say gesturing for him to get out.
But he just smiled and walked over to my bed. He jumped on my bed and got comfortable.
"What the hell do you think you're doing. Get the hell out of my house," I say my voice growing into more than my normal voice.
"So tell me when you were turned," he said.
"If I tell you, will you leave?" I asked him.
He nodded and gestured for me to continue.
"Okay I was turned back in 1864," I say.
"What else do you have in you? I can tell that's not all you are," he says.
"I'm half witch now is there anything else you want to know?" I question him.
"Just one........are you single?" he asks with an evil grin.
"Nope now leave," I lie.
He frowns at me and stands up. He walks over to me and whispers into my ear, "Don't lie to me. I'll see you tomorrow love."
And with that he was gone in a blink of an eye.

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