Chapter 3

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Kol's POV
I just left Cassia's house when was on my way home. But the weird thing is that I can't get her out of my head. She is literally the only thing I can think about. Before I know it I was home. I walked inside and to the living room. My siblings were all sitting in there drinking and reading. I sat down after grabbing a book and a drink.
"Where have you been brother?" Finn asked.
"Just had a chat with someone," I replied smirking but still trying to get Cassia out of my head.
"You stay away from Cassia. You are not to hurt her or I will kill you," Nik says putting his book down to look at me.
I smirked, "I'll do what I wish now does anyone want to have a ball."
I knew full well my baby sister would agree she loves balls to much to miss out on one.
"Me. I want to have a ball. Can we Nik please!!!!" Bekah begged Nik.
He smiled and nodded his head at our little sister. 'Yes I get to see Cassia...Wait what?' I thought to myself confusing myself. I could hear Bekah in the background talking to some of Nik's hybrids. But I was to busy thinking and confusing myself about Cassia. 'Why can't I get you out of my head. I have to get rid of these thoughts it's unnatural to think what I'm thinking. I have to scare her, I'm good at scaring people. That's what I'll do," I thought to myself as Bekah started clapping in my face.
"Brother what are you thinking about?" She asked me after getting my attention.
"Nothing," I say but she knows better she gives me a look that says tell me later.
I grin and nod my head.
"Okay brother you can help with the invitation," Bekah said smiling.
I nod and we get started. We work 'til 2 in the morning. We go to bed after working.

-Next Morning-
Someone jump on me. I heard a laugh as I groaned.
"Get up," I heard my annoying sister say.
"Get oooffff," I groan.
"Not until you get up, we have the ball tonight and you need a tux," she said pulling my blankets off.
'Cassia's gonna be hear tonight' I thought to myself and jumped out of bed. 'Wait why do I care' I again thought to myself.
"So tell me what you were gonna tell me last night," she says.
"Umm I was thinking about someone but that's all I'm gonna tell you," I say and got dressed.
"Now I want to know who it is," she says upset I won't tell her that its Cassia I was thinking about.
"I'll tell you one other thing it's a girl but that's all," I said and walked out of my room.
I heard Bekah running after me yelling who was it at me. I vamp speed down stairs and to the living room.
"Hello Brothers," I said walking into the living room.
"Morning Kol," Finn and Elijah said Nik was nowhere in sight.
"Kol tell me who she is!!!!!" Bekah yelled stomping into the living room.
"Who's who sister?" Finn asked our little sister.
"Kol's been thinking about a girl and won't tell me who she is," Bekah pouts crossing her arms.
Finn and Elijah look at me and I grin at them.
"Who is she brother?" Finn asked me.
"Nobody," I replied as someone measured me.
"You will tell us sooner or later," Elijah says calmly.
I finish getting measured and walked away to tell the hybrids to deliver the invitations to everyone. I was delivering Cassia's to her. I grabbed her invitation and vamp speed to her house. I also had one of Nik's female hybrids go pick out a dress and shoes for her. I got to her house and heard her shower running so I put the box's and invitation on her bed. Then I left.

Cassia's POV
I got out of the shower and dried off. After I dried off I got dressed. I walked into my room only to find a couple of box's on my bed. I walked over to them and saw an envelope on top of them. I opened the envelope and was surprised to see that it was an invitation. It said 'Please join the Mikaelson Family at seven o'clock tonight for cocktails, dancing, and celebration'
I turned over the invitation and saw something else.
'Save me a dance for tonight Darling, Kol Mikaelson'
I opened the box and gasped.
"Oh my god," I whispered to myself.

Kol's POV
'I wonder if she will wear the dress' I thought to myself as I got dressed for the ball. I heard guest starting to arrive and walked down stairs. I saw the doors open and stopped.
"Oh my god," I say to myself and saw my siblings look at me and back to the door.
'She's here and she looks gorgeous, she's also wearing the dress I got her' I thought looking at her.

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Nik walked to Cassia and hugged her

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Nik walked to Cassia and hugged her. I growled at him knowing he heard. He looked at me and smirked. He kissed her head and held his arm out for her to take. She smiled at him and took his arm. I watched her go to my other siblings. They all smiled at her then looked at me. Cassia looked up at me and smiled slightly. I smirked at her and walked the rest of the way down the stairs. I walked to them.
"Hello Cassia, brothers, sister," I say smirking slightly.
"Hello Jackass," Cassia says and I frown at her.
"Ouch Darlin that hurts when you call me that," I place my hand over my dead heart.
"My bad Jackass," she replies smirking.
My siblings laughing at her. 

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