Chapter 8

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Kol's POV
I could tell she was happy. I looked between her and my brother. I looked at Cassia with love in my eyes and my brother with a brotherly love in my eyes. I'm guessing they saw because they pulled me to them and hugged me. I laughed and hugged them back.
"Nikki dance with me," Cassia said.
"But I don't want to," Nik pouted.
"To bad, let's go," She said and dragged him off the stage as the DJ the hired started the music again.
She pulled him close and kissed his cheek. He grinned at his best friend, the love of my life, and dipped her. I was thinking about doing something that was completely not me but it would be worth it. I walked up to the DJ and told him to play a song.

As I began to sing I'm not very good, Cassia and Nik stopped dancing. They looked at me with their jaws basically to the ground. As I sang I looked right at Cassia with the most loving eyes.

Cassia's POV
Oh my god, he can sing. I looked at Nikki and saw him looking at his brother with wide eyes. Kol was looking at me the whole time that he sang. Once he was done no one said anything. Everyone looked between the two of us. I slowly made my way up to Kol.
"Damn Kol can sing," I heard Andrea whisper to Diego.
I walk up onto the stage and to Kol. I looked him in the eyes, put my hands on his cheeks and kissed him. He instantly kissed me back wrapping his arms around my waist. I heard clapping from the audience. I didn't pay attention to them though. I only cared about Kol. I pulled away and looked at him.
"I love you Kol," I tell him.
He smiles and and replies, "I love you more than anything in the world Cassia."
I see Nikki smiling and I smile at Kol. I kiss him again and then hug him. Everyone around us starts to dance and have fun again. We just stand there for a couple of minutes when he pulls away and looks at me.
"What?" I ask.
"I still remember the first time I saw you," he replies playing with my hair.
"You mean when Elijah took the dagger out of you and you tried to kill me," I say.
He frowns, "I mean when I first saw you. You were gorgeous and still are."
I smiled at him. He took my hand and pulled me away from the other vampires. He dragged me up the stairs and to my room. He opened my door pulled me inside and shut the door. He pressed me up against the door and slowly kissed me. I grinned as I ran my hands through his soft brown hair.
"You have really soft hair," I murmur against his lips.
He chuckles and pulls away, only slightly.
"I want to make out with you and you tell me my hair is soft?" he questions me and smiles, shaking his head.
"I special," I simply say.
"You got that right Darlin'," he says softly.

Kol's POV
I love this girl she is so straight forward and beautiful. She's everything I ever wanted in a girl. I just stand there looking at her. She looked up at me and saw me staring.
"What?" she asks with an eyebrow raised.
"I've always wanted a girl like you," I reply still staring at her.
She blushed a lot and looked away.
"Don't look away. I like it when you blush," I say grabbing her chin lightly and made her look at me.
I looked at her and she smiled lightly. She walked forward and in the process she made me walk backwards. I hit the bed and sat down. She leaned down and kissed me passionately. I put my hand on her hips and pulled her into my lap. She giggled and I smiled at that. She looked at me and leaned down. 'I love this girl so much. I will never do anything to ruin what I have with her ever' I thought to myself as she kissed me softly. I smiled into the kiss, so did Cassia. I pulled away and started kissing her neck. I could tell she likes it because she tilted her head back to give me better access. I kissed all the way down to her collarbone and back up. I picked her up and laid her down on the bed.
"Kol promise me something," she said.
"Anything for you Darlin',' I say looking at him with so much love.
She leaned upwards and whispered, "Never leave me."
I looked at her intensively and said, "I promise you never ever will I ever leave you. You are my one and only. I love way to much to ever leave you."
She looks at me with tears appearing in her eyes. I wrap my arms around her and hold her.
"I love you too Kol," she whispers only for me to hear.
We end up falling asleep, her head on my chest and my arms wrapped around her waist.

Niklaus's POV
(Didn't see that coming now did ya')
"Where did Cassia and Kol go, Andrea?" Marcel asked.
I looked around and noticed the were no where in sight.
"Yes I would like to know where they are too," I say walking over to them.
"I don't know Nik you should go find them?" she said.
"Alright then if my siblings come tell them to go back home," I say and walk off.
I walked upstairs and listened, I heard faint breathing. I walked in the direction of the sound and stopped in front of a door. I quietly opened the door and looked inside. I saw Cassia and Kol laying on the bed. Cassia's head was on his chest and Kol's arms were wrapped protectively around her waist. I smiled and pulled my phone out, I took a quick picture. I then closed the door and walked back downstairs. I found Marcel and Andrea talking with Diego.
"I found them," I said simply.
"Where are they?" Marcel asked.
I took my phone out and showed all of them the picture. Andrea squealed and said, "Send that to me."
I quickly sent it to her and she smiled once she saw it in her phone. Diego was smiling and Marcel was smirking.
"Who knew your brother had a soft spot?" Marcel said.
"I should have noticed they were meant to be. She's my best friend and he's my little brother, how did I not notice?" I questioned myself.
"Who cares? They found each other. How long do you think it will take Kol to propose?" Andrea asked us.
I laughed and said, "Not that long. That's for sure."
Marcel laughed and nodded, agreeing with me.  


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