Chapter 9

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Cassia's POV
I wake up and try to get up. But I couldn't, someone had their arms wrapped around my waist. I look down and saw him. He looked like a god. Kol had the face of a god but all the Mikaelson's looked like gods and a goddess. I decided to wake him up. I kissed his neck until I felt him stir underneath me. Kol opened his eyes slowly and looked at me. When he saw me his eyes got a loving look in his eyes.
"Good morning Handsome," I say and slowly kissed him, teasing him.
He pulled me closer if that's even possible. I giggle and he smiles into the kiss.
I pulled away and he said, "I could get used to waking up this way."
"Come on, it's time to get up," I say getting up.
"No not yet my love," he said pulling me back down.
"Cassia, Kol get up and get down here!!!!" I heard Andrea yell.
"Noooooo!!!!!!!!" Kol yelled back.
"Get down here you love birds!!! Y'all have two minutes before I drag y'all down here!!!!" Marcel yells and I hear laughter.
"Okay just shut the bloody hell up!!!!" I yell.
Kol looks at me and smiles, "You're around my siblings and I to much."
"Then I guess I'll just stop seeing all of y'all," I sigh.
"No I never said that," he quickly corrects himself.
I get up and get dressed.


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Kol got up and walked to me

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Kol got up and walked to me.
"You look gorgeous Darlin',' he said kissing me.
"I know," I say and walk out of the room.
I hear laughter downstairs. I get to the stairs and look down. I saw my best friends.
"Bekah!!!!!" I yell and vamp speed to her.
I hug her tightly and she hugs me back. I don't plan to let go anytime soon. I see Elijah and Finn behind her. I smile and waved. Bekah pulled away and I ran to Elijah. I jumped on him and hugged him tightly. He hugged me back and chuckled. I jumped off of him and walked to Finn.
"Hi Finn," I say and pull him in for a hug.
"Hello Cassia, it's great to see you again," he says and hugs me back.
"So what's this I hear about you and Kol?" Elijah asks smirking.
"We're dating brother," Kol says as I pull away from Finn.
Kol walks to me and wraps his arm around my waist. Bekah squeals and runs to me.
"We're going shopping for wedding dresses," she says and everyone but Kol and I laugh.
"Little sister way to soon," Kol says blushing.
"Awe Kol you're blushing. You really do love Cassia," Nikki says.
I look at Kol and smile. I see him blushing. I kiss his cheek and take Bekah's arm just as Davina walks in. I see her look at Marcel, Andrea, and me. She looks at Kol and I see her check him out.
"Hi Davina, why are you here?" Marcel said as he noticed her check out Kol.
Marcel looked at me quickly and looked at Kol. Kol didn't notice Davina check him out since he was staring at me. I looked at Kol and smiled. Davina noticed and looked a little guilty. She looked at me and mouthed 'Sorry'. I nodded at her and smiled.
"I came to see Cassia," she said.
"Davina meet the Mikaelson's, Finn, Elijah, Niklaus or Klaus, Rebekah or Bekah and Kol," I say.
"I'm her boyfriend, Kol," Kol said.
"I'm her best friend, Klaus," Klaus says.
"I'm her other best friend, Bekah," Bekah said.
"I'm her greatest friend, Elijah," he says.
"I'm her friend, Finn," Finn says.
"I'm Davina," she says.
"What do you need little D," I ask.
"I need help with a spell," she says.
"Okay what spell?" I ask.
"Umm come with me," she says and walks out.
"Okay then," I say and follow her.
I followed Davina all the way to the cemetery. We walk to her favorite place to be.
"So Davina, what spell is it?" I ask.
"Actually I don't need help with a spell. I just wanted to get you away from them," she says and I frown.
"What the bloody hell Davina. Their my friends," I say, turning around to walk away.
I walk out of the cemetery and back to the courtyard. I walk in only to find Kol and Nikki fighting. Everyone else was standing around them.
"What the bloody hell is going on here!?!?!?" I yell.
They all stop what their doing and turn towards me.
"Uh oh you two are in trouble," Bekah said and was backing away slowly.
"Bekah stop," I said.
She stopped and looked at me.
"Now will someone tell me why those two idiots are fighting," I say, pointing at Nikki and Kol.
"Niklaus was telling Kol that he could protect you better than Kol could protect you," Elijah answers laughing slightly.
"Seriously that's all. You two are idiots I can protect myself," I say looking at the two idiots.
"But you love me more right?" Nikki questioned
"No she loves me more, right Darlin'," he ask coming over to me.
"Which one do I love more?  How about.......Elijah," I say and run to him.
I hug Elijah and he chuckles, hugging me back.
"What about me?" Finn asks.
"You too Finn," I say giving him a hug too.
"What the hell!?!?!?" Kol yells.
Nikki frowns and crosses his arms. Kol storms out and everyone laughs but me. I walk after Kol. I see him and he's braking stuff.
"Kol!" I yell.
He looks at me and starts to walk away. I vamp speed to him and grab his arm. I kiss him but he doesn't kiss me back.
"I chose you Kol. Only you," I say after pulling away.
"Good cause you're mine," he says.
He pulls me to him and hugs me tightly. I feel a sharp pain in my chest. I gasp and look at Kol. He looks terrified, then everything goes black.   

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