34 - Reunited: Day Twenty-Five

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Melanie sat on the edge of her bed with the typed out routine Geri had given her in hand. She'd gotten herself ready for the morning and had taken her meds. She was so used to that part of her routine that she didn't really need the paper anymore, but now she was staring anxiously at the next steps that Geri had added the night before.

Eat all meals

Say three words. Get signatures for each word completed.

Melanie set the paper next to her on the bed and stared helplessly at the door adjoining her room to Emma's. She could hear Emma's TV and the shower running. She had woken up after Melanie had showered and had popped her head into the room to say good morning before getting herself ready for the day. Melanie sat and listened as Emma got out of the shower and opened the bathroom door. She could hear Emma rummaging through her bag for her clothes and singing along with the song on the TV.

Normally, Melanie would meet everyone in the penthouse suite once she'd gotten herself ready, but with the new expectations she'd been given, she wasn't rushing to leave her room. She waited until Emma popped her head into the room once she'd gotten herself ready. She smiled at her, surprised that Melanie was still in the room.

"Hey, you," she said, walking into the room and sitting next to Melanie. "Were you waiting for me?"

Melanie thought for a moment before handing Emma the paper and pen and looking at her desperately. Emma looked at her curiously then looked at the schedule Geri had written out. Melanie apprehensively pointed to the part Geri had included about speaking and continued to look at Emma with desperation.

"Did you do this part already?" Emma asked, taking the pen and paper from Melanie. Melanie sighed and dropped her head, obviously disappointed with Emma's response. "You want me to sign this even though you didn't do it?" Emma asked, her tone no longer chipper, instead confused and somewhat sad. "Honey, I can't do that. You've got to start speaking a little bit. It's been almost a month and you haven't said a word. You can say all three right now with just me here and then it's out of the way."

Melanie turned her head away, ready to cry. The girls didn't understand why it was still so hard for Melanie to speak to them and, even though she was gradually becoming more comfortable around them, she still wouldn't answer any questions they had about Otis or where she had been.

"You don't have to do this right now," said Emma. "You have all day to think about what you want to say. It's kind of exciting really. It's like you're picking the very first word you'll have ever said to any of us." Melanie looked back at Emma, obviously not convinced by her excitement. "Is that too much pressure?" Emma asked worriedly. Melanie sighed and continued to sit in silence until Emma coaxed her to go to the penthouse suite with her.

The suite was similar to the last one with picture windows surrounding the sitting room and kitchen and it had two large bedrooms, but this suite also had a pool table, an office, and a large balcony with a pool, hot tub, barbecue and patio furniture.

All of the boys and most of the girls were already in the room eating the food Room Service had delivered. Mel was still absent, taking the opportunity to sleep in before their schedule became hectic again.

"Good morning!" Geri greeted the girls, patting an empty seat for Melanie to sit on. She got up and began dishing out food onto an empty plate for Melanie, determined to get her to eat with them.

"Not too much, Geri," Simon warned. "She's not used to eating anything, so start off small with her." Geri nodded, scraping some of the eggs off of Melanie's plate and only adding half a slice of toast and a few cherries.

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