Not Just A Fan - Chapter 10

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“So what happened when you were alone with him?” Brenna asked me as we walked out of the elevator and on to the streets of Time Square.

“Nothing really.” I responded. I’m not making a big deal out of this. Especially on the streets of Time Square.

“Oh come on. You’re all smiley.” Katie said grinning huge. “Niall said you guys were definitely doing something before he walked in there.” 

“Yeah well we were just talking.” I just shrugged off the kiss like it was nothing, because it was nothing. I was regretting it a bit.

“Ok so you were just talking and oops your lips collided.” Sabrina joked. I gave a nervous laugh. “Oh my god! You kissed him!” Sabrina screamed causing some people to look at us including some directioners who pointed to us and whispered. Either they thought we were crazy or they recognized me. 

“Yes now shhhh. The fans are over there and they will recognize me if they see the photo.” I slipped the tickets and backstage passes into my purse and continued walking with my friends. 

“What was it like?” Brenna asked me in a flirty voice. Really I was about to explain to my friends what it was like to kiss Harry Styles.

“Nice.” Simple enough was all I could think when the words escaped my mouth.

“Just nice?” Katie said jokingly bumping into me.

“Ok very nice.” I laughed and a group of girls walked up to us. Knowing they were wearing One Direction shirts I could imagine what was happening next.

“Are you her?” The first girl asked. They recognized me.

“Who?” I asked as if I knew nothing. I tried to walk away but the girls blocked me. I guess I’ll be answering a few questions. I knew to keep it simple so nothing would be exposed for Harry’s and the band’s sake.

“The mystery girl.” Another girl asked. She was blonde and tall.

“Oh yeah. I’m her.” I said looking over at my friends hoping they had a plan for me, but no one thought this would happen.

“Oh my god. For real.” The first girl asked again.

“Yeah but I kind of have some where to go so bye.” I quickly walked away before I heard the girls yell.

“LOOK EVERYONE IT’S HARRY’S MYSTERY GIRL.” We knew what to do from there. Run. We ran down the street with a mob of girls chasing after us. This doesn’t happen to normal. We were able to run down a side street and find a hidden alley before the girls could catch us.

I don’t understand what’s such a big deal about being the mystery girl. I mean yeah I got to kiss him and all but the mystery girl thing is getting out of hand. Their concert tonight could turn out really bad.

“What the hell?” Katie yelled out of breathe after all the girls had ran away still looking for us. We were all panting and leaning up on the sides of the brick building making up the alley.

“I don’t know why that just happened, but the concert tonight is looking like a really bad idea.” I said. We all knew what we were about to get into, but right then my phone went off. It was Harry.

“Heard about the mob. Are you alright?” Awe he cares about me. I typed back fast.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Hiding out a bit before the concert.”

“Was that Harry?” Katie asked me looking concerned.

“Yeah, he just wanted to make sure we were ok.” I barely finished the line before I got the next message from him.

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