Chapter 5

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"Good day America"

America couldn't help but to run and hug her. He didn't care if he was going to cry or break down but now that she was here, it was all he needed. She was one of his precious comrades. He runs up to her only to go through her. He felt like that time stops for him.

He turns around to saw a glimpse of her body returning back to normal all the gas that was scattered it went back in place. He wasn't alone; England felt the same emotion as him but America hold deeper emotions. Phil—the female in the veil turn to him and took a step forward as he took a step backward.

"Are you afraid?" The female said as she tilted her head with a gentle smile on. It was silent both countries were confused at this situation. They could see her, see her but can't touch her if she was kind of spirit

"You're not Philippines are you?"England spoke cutting the silence.

"You are half right" She replied and turns around to leap in the rock. England couldn't believe it but it's impossible for a human nor a country that could leap or teleport that easily. He felt a palm brush to his hair. He slaps the hand on instinct and took a step backward.

The female look at them, no emotion so far but both could know that she was furious. The clouds turn greyish as they could hear the thunder, booming the clouds. In just in a blink in the eye the spirit was gone. They look at the skies as they know it would rain soon


They heard someone called their names. It was India, America and England just nodded to each other and went towards them.

"Where are you two? America suddenly drags you"India said as he leans to the tree, panting. Chasing those two really took a toll on his stamina, being an old country that he is "As far I could theorize you two confessed"

"No—Wait! NO" England said. He thought America would react to what ridiculous India said but he remains silent

"Anyway what gotten America hype up?"India asked. England just gave him the look, He rolled and eyes and thought 'This couples' and sighed. He looks at the skies "Let find some shelter first"

Unfortunately, they were wet when they found shelter in the rain but luckily for them, they found some sticks to build a fire to warm up. America threw his jacket at Vietnam without saying a word and just sat on the entrance of the cave.

"What's up with him?"India asked as he warms up in the fire

"I don't know," England said looking at America worried. India just sighed and lay flat at the ground. England couldn't take it anymore and confessed "We thought we saw Philippines"

"Now that makes sense," India said. England looks at him if he was the craziest man alive. India raise his hand to stop England nagging "What you saw was a deity or diwata in Philippines language"

India sat up and took a stick, to draw two people "You see a country and a deity is connected that what we called 'the string'" He said and drew a line connecting the two drawings "The deity is alive because of the belief of the country and the spiritual energy of the country" he drew an arrow pointing at the left drawing that is the 'deity' "But having a deity is hard to manage in this age"

"But why can't they just remove those deities?"

"You can't, because of the belief of the people. People believing at something can impact society"India said "You can't also remove that bunny you talk off so removing or destroying a deity is like destroying yourself"India said and looked at the drawing, then X the right side representing the country "I could theorize that if a country dies the remaining spirit energy would be transferred into the deity"

"How can a deity be created?"England asked. India just stretches and drew two people in between them was a line.

"You see deity is just like creating an imaginary friend" He said and drew two circles "There are different ways but the simplest is to make people believe"

England was dumbfounded. He knows about the mint bunny but he never suspects where they came from nor what they are. He looked to India and asked, "How much do you know this type of magic?"

"It not really magic more like spiritually," India said

"When you said that you saw Philippines"India said, America flinch at her name "that couldn't be her it must be a deity just like the butler that told you that the ASEAN Isn't dead"

The countries were silent. America broke it by saying "Did that country knows what happen to her?"

"Depends," India said as he saw America preparing to run in the rain "OI WAIT DON'T!"Before he could tell him off America was already sprinting off. He didn't know where that deity went but he knows one thing

...He must find it

He remembers when he first heard he died it was like a nightmare he couldn't escape. He wants her back she was just like England always nagging her, She fought wars and never gave up just like him, She likes learning she could be secretive if she wants too...HER AND HIM ARE SO SIMILAR THAT IT HURTS.

"ENGLAND!"Young America came rushing to a wounded country. His clothes are all bloody, there were many scratches and bruises in his face yet he still holds a gentle smile

"It's alright America it's just a scratch I alright see," He said and pointed at his face, closed eyes with a smile on. He patted the young countries head and told him that he was alright. America cried and cried England just snickered "Come hear my soldier," He said in such a warm voice and embrace him "You know hero must not cry, so don't cry for me ok?"

But how could he not? In the ended, he just nodded

It was the same feeling when he found her wounded.

"PHILIPPINES!" America screams as he saw a familiar sight. She was all wounded yet she still was standing wielding her sword. He hurried in her side if only he was here quicker then he probably would prevent this

"A-Am alright," She said with a cracked voiced. She looked at him "Is K-Korean alright?"

"Y-Yeah he is, He's fine," He said reassuring her, Philippines smiled then collapse lucky America was able to catch her. He was probably dead because of Mexico but that isn't important right now. Right now he needs to get her treated. He screams for someone to help him and luckily they were nurses to help them

The memory of both left scars in his heart. How could he be a hero if he can't even save the one he loves? Just how could he live with that regret, hide it with a faked smiled now that just an excuse to ignore it if he had a chance to save them like now then he will. He will be the hero

"DEITY! WHERE ARE YOU?"America screamed as he runs around the forest looking for her again. The slap offense her but how can he make it up to her?

"AM SORRY THAT ENGLAND SLAPPED YOUR HAND, AM SORRY THAT YOU WERE MAD I AM sorry that I couldn't save your country" America apologize he gave up running and lean on the tree, crying "Am sorry ok..please...please show yourself so I could save I could be the hero that everyone...would want"

Wag ka nang umiyak~

Sa mundong pabago-bago

Pag-ibig ko ay totoo

Ako ang iyong banka

America looked around with tears in his eyes. The voice was angelic almost like her but it was somehow different. Without a second he sprinted to the direction of the voice

Kung wala ka nang maintindihan

Kung wala ka nang makapitan

Kapit ka sa akin,Kapit ka sa akin

Hindi kita bibitawan

He was close. The voice got louder and louder as his heartbeat. He kept running to the path where the voice takes him. There was a bright light on the end of it, America closed his eyes and run through it

"Nice to meet you, America"A figure called out, The glint of amusement was seen from his eye, The moon eating dragon, The Bakunawa was standing in front of them. 

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