Chapter 8

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After that confusing journey, they all dismissed the trip and the meeting. The countries that fell in the cliff was left confused about what those talking animals were saying. They all just retreated in their room or do anything they want, so they could organize their thoughts.The disappearance of the deceased ASEAN countries left a mystery, and some hope that they might still be alive...

England POV

I sighed as I locked the door to my room. Many things have happened today. The thing with the talking animals and the rebirth of the country that was supposed to disappear but didn't. all of them were confusing and a headache.

I grab one of my magical book from the self and fall to the sofa. I tried to find about some kind of similar phenomenon to this mess but it was fruitless I couldn't find a thing about it. It must have been the first time this happened throughout history. The flying mint bunny went to my side and land on my head.

"Your head is furrowing you may get some new wrinkles if you don't stop now," The flying minty bunny said and starts to massage my head.

I looked at hands, can magically revive them? I don't think so. then what is the cause of all of this? If I remember correctly Cambodia seems to have more magical amplitude than Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore, is he the one at fault? I don't think so...then Indonesia? there is also a possibility of Philippine being the fault here.

I groan and threw the book at the coffee table. The flying mint bunny continued to massage my head as I fell asleep.

"Do you think he'll like it?"

"Of course you personally chose it from the garden and grew them yourself"

"hehe...I want to thank him even if it's small"

"Don't worry about it were here and got your back, Brunei"

"Don't believe in Malaysia worlds it would only be me who would catch both of your troubles which is a major responsibility"

"Thanks, Singapore!"

A small child carrying a flower run towards the blonde man. She tried to call out for him but he only ignores her and continues working. Seeing that he does not want to be disturbed, the young female child went and placed the beautiful pink flower to the blonde man. he only looked at it and resume in working.

"Um...Thank you for giving us shelter trying to be civil like please accept my gratitude that is this grew them myself, I hope it is for your liking"The young female said, having the courage and the knowledge that he given her. The blonde man only nodded, not even looking at the girl. She distress at his reaction that he may not like it. She tried to come up with another gift


But it was stopped as a new energetic boy burst into the room. The girl heard the pen being put down. The young boy immediately went to the blonde man lap, telling him about his day. The young girl could only grip her skirt and looked at envy. She tried to please him with a gift but he didn't even spare a glance towards her, only that boy. The young girl left the room and she went to the garden to cry.

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