chapter 1

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"SOO DUDES I HAVE NOW DECIDE THAT WE WILL HAVE A SUPERHERO TO PROTECT US"a loud voice coming from no other that America himself

it was another world meeting as usual it was a chaotic. Their are some  are fighting and arguing but some country are just quiet minding their own business. The country of Germany had enough and decided to lecture them 

"OK YOU COUNTRIES DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO RUN A MEETING SO AM GANNA RUN IT MYSELF I WANT ALL OFF YOU TO SAY QUIET AND LISTEN TO THE SPEAKER I'LL GIVE YOU ALL 10 MINUTES TO SPEAK NO MORE NO LESS" he scream. Silencing the whole meeting room. He point out to the brown hair man with a curl  "ok let's start with my good friend Italy"

 all the man could say was "pasta~~" and then all chaotic start to repeat again.Germany wonder why would they even have a world meeting when nothing is done he sigh and gave up. Someone tap the shoulder of Germany making him look

It was Vietnam accompany with Thailand "Mr.Germany, sir may i and Thailand leave?" she ask. She was holding a bouquet that have Plumeria Rubra with Rumdul flower while Thailand was holding three more bouquet with different flower combination

"fine fine i guess you can leave" Germany replied as he try to calm himself. Vietnam just nod and walk to the door leaving the room followed by Thailand. Germany can't help to feel sorry for the two but it was gone when a shoe flew and hit his head "OK WHO THREW THAT??"

the Vietnam and Thailand walk toward to their destination silently. Thailand doesn't want this silent but he knew it would just sadden her. He can't bare to see her like this but what could he do? absolutely nothing

"Thailand your the land of smile right?.." Vietnam suddenly ask continuously walking "then why ..why can't you smile..a real smile?" 

Thailand was shock at Vietnam statement. It's hard soo hard to have soo much pain and still smile without a care "a-am sorry Vietnam" he said as he stuff his head on the bouquet "i guess am not the land of smile anymore"

Vietnam heard tears that was landing in Thailand bouquet. she just walk silently after all what can she do? she can't smile herself 

"let's just go Thailand" Vietnam said and sense Thailand nod they continue to walk to their destination 

Meanwhile in the meeting room. They just settle down after the fight and argument they did. A nation was out with their seat. America notice the two ASEAN nation wasn't their anymore "Hey Germany dude, where's the two?" 

"they left early America"Germany answer. America ask why? Germany just sigh and said "they have more important reason"

"you bloody broke don't you know what date it is"England said sipping his tea while the other countries left confuse "it the time of the year"

"my birthday?"America said earning as disappointment from England  

"our wedding anniversary?"France said making England slap some sense to him

the two goes on and on with false answer until England had enough and scream "SHUT IT ALREADY" making the two silent he sigh "it's making me disappointed that you forgot"

England left the room making the two wonder what so important this say but then they realize that it was...

"a anniversary...a death anniversary"  

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