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Unedited...all of this book is gonna be this way...till I finally do it.

Curse me I forgot to write that beforehand.


Ehm..hi. I am Alice *waves awkwardly*

*holds a knife to your throat and smiles sweetly* let me get this to the point...

My story, my imaginary babies *real ones would die within an hour under my watch* so please respect that these are my ideas and story.

NO STEALING! or I will drag your sorry a*s to hell. *Dean has been there, hope you will enjoy at as much as he did :)* NO SUPERNATURAL SPOILERS OR I WILL BLOCK YOU AND MUTE YOU! I AM STILL WATCHING! *glares at you*

All rights reserved, I have the rights to this story so any reproduction of MY STORY will not be tolerated and can be punished by law.

I have enough on my plate and can't deal with stealers, use those burned cells of yours and make your imagination dance like a monkey.

This is a work of fiction, any accordance of places, names, etc. Is just a coincidence.
This is my fudging sick imagination no real life here baby *I cringe at this word* this is Wattpad or Dapttaw...if you know my other book you will get this lol.


My book.

This is fiction.

Good, now that you understood can go ahead and dive in.

Or out...not gonna judge after this, you might as well run.

*whistles* wimp *cough*

Well...I have Chemistry to study...leave some nice or constructive comments if you want.
If it is honest constructive criticism I would gladly hear it, I don't have anyone to teach me how to write so it would be helpful.



Share? Idk man, your friends might hate you.

But what is important...


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