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the sun shined and the rays went through the large window in jimin's room. the small boy's eyes fluttered open and looked to his side. in the blanket, there lied jungkook softly asleep next to jimin.

the older gave a soft smile. he looked at jungkook seeing he was slightly shivering, from the cool in his room. jimin pouted, 'he could've shared the blanket with me, why didn't he?' jimin thought and pulled the covers over jungkook.

the younger flashed a smile in his sleep, snuggling into the blanket's warmth. jimin sat up slowly so he wouldn't wake up the male. he went over to his closet and picked out a skirt and a loose sweat shirt

[jimin with that petite body got me like woah-]he went over to the bathroom and took a small shower

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[jimin with that petite body got me like woah-]
he went over to the bathroom and took a small shower.

time he got out, jungkook wasn't in the bed anymore. jimin tilted his head and looked around.
"kookie?" he called out, looking around the house for the brown haired male.

"oh! j-jimin," jungkook said, walking over and saw jimin's petite body in the lovely outfit.

jimin looked up at the male, "oh! there you are." jimin said, smiling as he pulled his sweatshirt sleeve down so it could cover his hands.

"i was just.. uh, making breakfast for you." jungkook said, holding his hand out to the short blonde.

jimin nodded, taking a hold of jungkook's hand and walked to the kitchen.

once they got to the kitchen, jimin smelt the air. his mouth water and he was in love with the smell of it. it was pancakes with warm syrup, eggs and bacon. fuck, jungkook would be good husband material- i mean what

"it's not much but i hope you enjoy?" jungkook said and shrugged. jimin nodded. how can he not enjoy?! the smell was amazing and it was well done, and jimin is sure; he doesn't have maids unless they're so good at hiding.

"did you already eat?" jimin asked, sitting down at his usual spot. jungkook nodded, "yes, while you were in the bathroom." jungkook said and sat next to jimin.

jimin picked up the fork and started to eat. jungkook took his phone out and looked through news feed and instagram.


once jimin finished, he was stuffed. he leaned against the chair and smiled. "jungkookie! that was amazing!" jimin exclaimed. jungkook smiled softly at the male's comment.

"thank you jiminnie." he said and got up. jimin tilted his head, "where are you going jungkookie?" jimin asked, pouting.

"they called me in earlier and so i need to go but i can't leave you here by yourself.." jungkook mumbled then shook his head.

"i can come with you!" jimin said and grinned, "i wanna see where jungkookie works!" he said and got up as well.

jungkook thought for a moment but then nodded, "then be a good boy okay?" he asked as jimin nodded quickly.

"jiminnie is good boy!" he whined, pulling on jungkook's sleeve.

"good boy's don't whine." jungkook said making jimin stop. jimin's whining faded that turned into whimpers.

jimin looked down and lets go of jungkook's sleeve. "i-i'm sorry.." he mumbled quietly.

jungkook bit his lip but kneeled down, "hey its okay. i didn't mean it." he said and cupped jimin's cheek.

jimin grinned, "jiminnie will be good boy at jungkookie's work." he said as jungkook nodded and stood right back up.

"alright jimin, lets go then." jungkook said and grabbed jimin's small hand gently. jimin smiled as jungkook grabbed the keys and placed them in his pocket.

[short chapter because why not]

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