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hello, its me min. uh, just a few things. as you can tell about the title of this chapter- don't worry i have the next chapter in progress and thank you for 300+ reads.

now for the rant; i was on tumblr today scrolling through my boys bts. so.. i'm a vmin and jikook supporter but does anyone realize at times? whenever i search my favorite maknae line ships it mainly gives me vkook? doesn't the other ships matter too? not just the popular ones? i really question it..

i'm not saying i hate vkook but i just see taehyung and jungkook as dominants, not really switches or subs.. along with before, i was bringing up some vmin [bc thats my bias ship] and my friend said that it sucked along with jikook? it doesn't make sense when..

taehyung wrote a sincere letter to jimin about how the older cared for him and was there with him since predebut, they are the same age, born same year. jimin went into the bathroom with taehyung just to fucking cry with him! boom, best friends.

even bts confirms it. the members of bts were asking questions and one question was

who is the best duo in the group or something close to that. everyone pointed at tae and jimin.

then there is jikook, jungkook brought jimin to disney for his birthday and the members of bts confirmed, jungkook only gets jimin presents when its his birthday and doesnt for everyone else.

popular ships are nothing, i like vmin and jikook because they are true to eachother and always have eachothers backs. tey are caring as well, i don't see why vkook stans[im not saying all vkook stans are bad] shouldn't support them.

min out

*will be deleted soon*

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*will be deleted soon*

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