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jimin and jungkook already went home after 4 hours of the younger suffering from working non stop. he was stressed out from everything, having to promote and having to work on songs he had to write with yoongi. jungkook plopped onto the couch with a heavy sigh.

"jungkookie-ah? whats wrong?" the petite male asked, walked over and sat on the ground in front of jungkook's legs.

the male brushed his fingers through his brown hair and looked down at jimin, "nothing jiminnie, i'm okay." he said and looked up to the ceiling. jimin moved a bit so his chin was on his on jungkook's thigh.

jungkook felt the pressure on his thigh and thought of what yoongi said about 'making a move'. he thought of it then sat up, looking down at him. "jiminnie?" he asked, pulling the older up by the waist and held onto him.

jimin hummed in response, tilting his head to the side. he was too innocent for this.

"baby boy.. do you love me?" jungkook asked, leaning forward so his lips brushed against jimin's ear. the older bit on his lip, gripping onto the soft cotton of jungkook's shirt.

"what do you mean by that?" the blonde asked, feeling the male's lips brushing down to the exposed skin of his neck.

"what i mean baby boy.. do you love me?" jungkook repeated, softly nipping the skin.

"y-yah~ jungkook..~" jimin moaned softly, snaking his arms around the male's neck.

"yes..~?" jungkook murmured against the soft skin as his eyes moved towards the older's. his lips played a smirk as he bit down and sucked on the skin.

jimin closed his eyes as he felt jungkook's large hand, going down to the the blonde's ass and softly grabbed it. jimin whimpered at the touch, shiving as jungkook's hand went into jimin's shirt.

"so soft."

"so pale and no more marks.."

"you make me want you more, park jimin."

[short chapter, thanks for 100 reads, next is a smut if i get to it]

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