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the two had a small make out session. jungkook's hormones came out as he picked the older up and brought him into the room. jungkook pushed jimin to the bed. looking up at the male, jungkook started to attack the jimin's creamy pale skin.

jimin tilted his head, letting the male have more access to his exposed skin. jungkook bit and sucked on the pale skin, leaving dark purple marks that taehyung will sure see when he comes back from daegu.

"y-yah~ jungkook..~" jimin mumbled, brushing his fingers into the brown hair and tugged on it causing the younger to let out a groan.

"its daddy, slut." jungkook mumbled against the skin, he couldn't control his actions. he pulled jimin's shirt off along with his. he went down, moving the biting and sucking to jimin's chest.

jungkook pinched jimin's risened nipples, hearing whimpers from the older. he played with one between his large fingers and one in his mouth.

"ngh.." jimin whimpered, feeling the male suck on his hard buds. jimin's eyes widen, feeling jungkook's teeth against the pink bud, tugging on it slightly.

he pulled away, taking jimin's booty shorts off along with his pants. jimin was in pantsu, pink pantsu. the bulge in jungkook's boxers grew at the sight he had saw.

jungkook took off his pants along with his boxers and took jimin's panties off. "fuck.. you're so beautiful, jimin.." jungkook mumbled as he attached his lips with the olders.

jungkook flipped the boy so he was on his stomach, adding his saliva to one finger and slowly inserted it into the puckered hole. jimin's eyes widen as he felt the sharp pain of his walls stretching.

tears glossing his eyes as he felt pain and pleasure mix into his system. "ngh..~ jungkoo—" from his words being stopped, a painful smack came in action with his ass.

"slut what's my name?" jungkook growled as he added another finger and started thrusting them quickly. jimin's bit on his bottom lip, scrunching his nose as a moan escaped his mouth.

"d-daddy...~" he whined as jungkook pulled them out, feeling as if jimin was ready for his rough and sinful action. he positioned himself at the male's hole, pushing in without warning.

"y-yah..~" jimin whimpered, jungkook moaning from his tightness as he already started to thrust in at a medium pace, not caring if jimin was adjusted or not, he just wanted to make him feel good.

the pain and pleasure kicked back into him as jungkook started to thrust faster and faster. as pain flew away, he started to moan loudly.

"f-fuck..! daddy faster!" jimin yelled out as he felt jungkook's fingers dig into his waist.

skin slapping and loud moans and whimpered played throughout the house, sadly, it could be heard out from the house's structure. jungkook didn't care if they heard. he didn't care who would complain. he just wanted people to know who jimin belonged to. jeon jungkook.

"f-fuck.. i'm gonna cum.." jungkook mumbled as his thrust became slopper and slopper at the moment. jimin gripped onto the sheets tightly as he felt warm liquid go into him. jungkook rode out his climax as jimin's soft voice gave a tiny moan. he climaxed

[short but i needed a chapter out from so long]

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