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a hour drive to the company that jungkook works at was pretty boring. jimin and jungkook didn't say anything to eachother the whole time.

the time they got to the compant, jimin was amazed. bighit is where jungkook worked at. jimin never really got to know jungkook's job because well.. one he didn't care at the time.

the two males walked to the desk, "ah, hello jeon." the lady at the desk said as jungkook signed in.

"oh yeah, jieun-noona. can you tell bangpd-nim that i'm coming up with someone who i have to take care of." jungkook said as the female named jieun nodded.

"gladly." she said as she took the phone and rang up hitman bang. jimin held onto jungkook's arm as they walked into the elevator.

"what does jungkookie do here?" jimin asked, looking up at the male.

"i work as a vocalist and sub-rapper with a friend of mine." jungkook said and wrapped his arm around jimin's shoulder.

as they got to the floor of jungkook's studio, they two got out and walked to the studio.

"finally your here jeon! bang was looking for you." a male with light blue faded hair said as he rolled around in his chair.

"sorry hyung. i had to bri—"

"is that your nephew? i never knew your brother's wife gave birth." the older chuckled as he looked at jimin, slightly eyeing him.

"uhm.. no and junghyun-hyung's wife didn't give birth. she's not even pregnant." he said, shaking his head.

the blue hair laughed then nods, "then who the fuck is he?" he asked, looking up at jimin from head to toe.

"this is jimin, taehyung's friend who can't be left alone by himself." jungkook said as jimin waved slightly.

"can't be alone? what is he? he looks 14." the blue hair male said, leaning against his elbows.

"22.." jungkook sighed and patted jimin's blonde hair.

"damn, and he's shorter than you. but that's hella cute." the male said, "call me agust d."

"or yoongi." jungkook added.

"yah- we're not close of friends yet. just agust d." yoongi said and grinned.

jimin nodded and gave yoongi's a smile, "nice to meet you." he giggled and yoongi bit his lip.

'jeon's baby boy is hot i swear to god..' yoongi thought, countinuing to eye the younger.

"ah, jeon. bang wanted to see you." yoongi said. no he wasn't lying. bangpd-nim needed to talk about their comebacks with him.

"about the comeback? that's in a few months though." jungkook whined. yoongi shrugged and grabbed jimin's hane gently.

"just go to him, jimin can stay here with me." yoongi said as jungkook nodded.

"if you say so." jungkook said and walked back out. yoongi gripped onto jimin's hand gently and pulled him over.

"hmm?" jimin hummed, looking at the male who was still on the chair.

"luckly there are no windows besides the soundbooth." yoongi said, pulling jimin onto his lap. his hands on the smaller's waist, slightly coming down to his covered ass.

"are you sure your a boy?" yoongi asked and rose his eyebrow. jimin nodded, "i have a pepper." he said and shrugged.

yoongi at jimin's plump pink lips, "are you and jeon dating..?" he asked, caressing jimin's sides.

the smaller shivered at the touch and shook his head. "good." yoongi said and softly pressed his lips onto jimin's plump ones.

jimin's chocolate brown eyes opened, he felt the older's cold lips against his but he didn't know how to react. he was frozen into place. yoongi moved his hand to the young boy's ass, gropping it and moved it to where he could feel jimin's ass cheeks against his crotch.

something that jimin could admit, he liked it alot. he didn't want to do anything, he both liked and hated it. he hated the fact that it looks like he was about to get raped in jeongguk and yoongi's studio but he liked the way his ass was grabbed.

"yoongles i—" jeongguk said as he opened the door, seeing the inappropriate scene in front of himself.

yoongi smirked and pulled away, "oh, you're back." he said as jimin got off the male. yoongi got up and walked over to the taller.

"this kid is— i have no words. he's fucking perfect." yoongi grinned as he whispered so jimin didn't hear.

"so?" jungkook asked and tilted his head. yoongi shook his head as the blue soft locks of hair slapped his face gently.

"one day, i hope we get to give him a treat." yoongi laughed lowly and looked up at the male, "mainly me." yoongi said and walked out of the studio and off to the office with his friend namjoon there.

"i'm so sorry for leaving you with that pervert. he's usually not like this.." jungkook mumbled, kneeling down and cupped jimin's cheek.

jimin nods, smiling, "it's okay. it got weird but it was fine, he didn't do anything bad." the smaller stated, fiddling with the hem on his skirt. jungkook sighed in relief, he was happy that yoongi had not touched the person he had to take care of because jimin could have told taehyung.

"uhm.. yoongi and i have to work, could you possibly sleep on the couch over there?" jungkook asked. pointing at the velvet couch that was against the wall. the couch that yoongi always slept on when jungkook had to finish the rest.

jimin nodded, "yeah! jiminnie won't bother jungkookie or agust d." jimin said, grinning as he went over to the couch and laid down with his phone in his hand. can't go anywhere without the phone you know.

jungkook smiled as he took a glance at the male on the soft couch. he took off his sweater and placed it down on jimin's petite body. jungkook ruffled the older's silky hair then went over to his desk.

as yoongi came back, he saw jimin on the couch then looked at jungkook. "i like how you haven't made a move on the kid." yoongi said, chuckled as he brushed his fingers into his blue hair.

"maybe one day i'll do it, he's pretty cute anyways." jungkook mumbled and chuckled.

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