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"taehyung! no i don't need someone to call 'babysitter'! i don't need someone to take care of me! aren't you already someone who takes care of me?!" jimin whined, pulling on the taller's sleeve.

taehyung sighed, countinuing to look through his contacts, "just because i'm here living with you doesn't mean i'll stay foreve–" taehyung's words had been stopped by the sound of whimpers.

the grey haired male looked down at the older who had teary eyes and a pout, "t-taetae's n-not going t-to stay with ji-jiminnie..?" jimin mumbled, looking down.

"b-but you said.." he mumbled, gripping onto taehyung's sleeve a bit. the younger gave a sigh, patting jimin's back.

"i didn't mean it like that.." taehyung said and wrapped his arms around the older's body. jimin grinned and held onto taehyung tightly. "good!" he grinned as he lets go.

"but still jimin, i can't take care of you just by myself." taehyung said, shaking his head. jimin gave a soft pout but nodded, "okay.." he mumbled and lets go of taehyung.

taehyung countinued to look and saw a contact that was perfect for jimin. jeon jungkook, a famous artist and one of taehyung's close friends from childhood.

"jimin, stay here, i'll be right back." he said and walked out of the room.


"taehyung, what do you want?" jungkook asked, rolling around in his chair.

"you remember jimin right? you had a dreams about him." taehyung said, snickering against the phone.

"hey! shut up, no one needs to know about that." jungkook groaned, leaning back against the back of his chair.

"he's had a slight change..," taehyung said

"how much? what happened?" jungkook asked, slight concern in his voice.

"well, he's become more stressed with life and would act like a 3 year old. giving off whimpers when i accidentally shout? i don't know what he's going but he acts like a baby now." taehyung whined.

jungkook kept silence, imagining what happened.

'so jimin turned into a little? he's a person who like girls things and cute things.. why hasn't taehyung told me this before.' jungkook thought.

"kook? you still there?" taehyung asked, jungkook came back from his thoughts and nodded.

"yes i am," he said. "why did you call me about this?" jungkook asked.

"well, i have to go back to daegu for a bit and i need someone to take care of jimin while i am gone, i don't think i could leave a 'little boy' alone for 3 months." taehyung said and shrugged.

"yeah whatever. when do i come?" jungkook asked, brushing his fingers through his hair.

"tomorrow, thats when i leave." he said, "i'll leave basic notes on what to do with him. if you do anything to him, i will fucking hurt you." taehyung said in his deep voice.

jungkook gulped, "yes okay." he said and hung up.

taehyung leaned against the wall and smiled, glancing at jimin who was watching cartoons on the ground.

- next day

jungkook looked at his watch, he knocked on the door and placed his weight on his left leg. taehyung opened the door, holding a bag. "jungkook! good you came. jimin is in the living room asleep." taehyung said.

"stuff you'll need and the notes are in the kitchen. don't try to make so much noise, he'll wake up then cry." taehyung said and patted jungkook back.

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