= Chapter 64 =

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" You were the reason I came up for air when all I wanted to do was drown."

-Skylar Torres

There I laid, on my bed back home after a month. But instead of strumming on my guitar, I'm reading a book. Weird.

"What are you doing dear?" My mum knocked on my bedroom door.

"Reading a book." I answered shortly.

"You never read." She stated.

"This book is different..."

"Interesting, I'll leave you to it then." She wiggled her eyebrows mischievously.

It's been a day since I was at the hospital, and yet I haven't read the book.

I just couldn't. But I had to.

I flipped open the cover, coming upon his own handwritten words.

"Dedicated To Skylar Torres, the girl who made earth become heaven. " I read it out, just to feel the words roll off my tongue.

Licking my lips wet, I flipped to another page.

Her emerald eyes scanned the hallways as she placed her bag over her shoulder. The moment I noticed her in my literature class, I knew she was going to bring me into trouble somehow.

She had that confident aura around her, her beautiful green eyes caught my attention immediately. But I couldn't look at her anymore, her beauty was distracting yet addictive.

A blush made its way up my cheeks, as I read his words. If only I knew what guys thought every time they spoke, that would be interesting.

Randomly flipping to another page, I came across a familiar pattern. Each chapter always began with a truthful quote. I read the next paragraph that I found.

Whipping around, my eyes came upon my damsel in distress waving her hands desperately. A soft chuckle escaped my lips, it always did when I saw her.

"Should I help you?" I thought out loudly.

"I'll do anything Jeremy!!" Skylar begged, and I'll admit that I enjoyed how needy she was of me.

A smiled, thinking back at that time I got locked in school, and he came to the rescue. I flipped a few pages more.

Walking in silence towards our room, I swallowed nervously. Why were my hands even clammy? Peeping to the side, I took a moment to capture her side profile. Her cute button nose, to her heart shaped lips the ones that were on mine just a few weeks ago. She opened the door swiftly, her brown curls cascading down her back. I needed to talk to her about what just happened.

My eyes widened, never expecting him to be admiring me when I wasn't paying much attention. I continued reading that page, curious about which incident he was writing about.

"Then tell me right now that if I jumped down a building, you would not spare me a tear." I took a few steps towards her as her eyes flickered with emotion. My tone raised into a more confronting manner.

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