= Chapter 60 =

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"No song is louder than love."

-Skylar Torres
13 Days Left

"All set Kai?" I confirmed one last time, as I spoke through the microphone in my ear.

"Yup, all cameras are deactivated in 3...2...1...go!" I felt the concentration and seriousness in his voice.

We decided that Kai would be our second pair of eyes as Gabriel and I invade Bronze Eagles hideout. Kai, being extremely good with all technical equipments, managed to hack into Bronze Eagles surveillance system.

With Kai's instructions, Gabriel begin the first part of our plan. Casually walking forward to the man who stood at the entrance, Gabriel had a straight expression on his face.

I recognized that that man was the same guy Jeremy and I saw previously. With his hand on his gun, he glared at Gabriel.

"Who the fuvk are you?" His thick Italian accent was evident.

"I came to deliver the cookies of course." Gabriel said smoothly, trying to imitate his accent. I had to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing at his failed attempt.

I remembered telling him repeatedly that everyone call it brownies, not cookies.

"Cookies?" The man frowned.

"Who am I kidding?! You have a brain smaller than fish's, cookies also known as cocaine!" Gabriel casted him a wicked smile, distracting the man. He took the opportunity to walk closer to the man as he spoke about his cookies.

"Boss never said that he ordered something..." the man's voice became softer as if he was talking to himself.

"Well then, take a look into the bag! They don't bite." Gabriel opened an empty brown paper bag and pushed it towards the man.

"I don't see an—" before the man could answer, Gabriel swung a punch across his cheek, adding another punch afterwards—knocking him out cold blood.

Peeping out from the bushes, I came upon Gabriel's proud smirk which covered his quiet whimper.

"My fists definitely doesn't hurt." He comments sarcastically as I stepped towards the entrance where he stood.

"You're so weak!" I snickered, grabbing the gun from the man that laid unconscious, before throwing Gabriel the other gun the man had.

"I'm a gentle nerd, not some aggressive wrestler like your boyfriend." He countered back which made me chuckle in amusement.

"Guys quit with the taunting, get back to the mission!" Kai's nagging voice echoed through our ears.

Rolling our eyes we entered the unknown hideout, unsure whether we would ever actually make it out alive.

"Okay right now, the coast is clear so sprint straight ahead, you'll come upon a junction." Kai directed us, as we sprinted down with our backpacks.

We stopped abruptly at the junction that Kai was talking about, there were two alleys that led to different places.

"I guess this is where we have to split up.." My voice sounded vulnerable.

"I hate the sound of that." Gabriel shook his head in disagreement.

"If anything happens, we have our microphones so you don't have to worry about anything." I tried to sound confident, which he thankfully bought.

With our last smiles, I entered the left alley and he the other. The lights kept flickering, giving the place an ominous atmosphere. Maybe I should have sticked with Gabriel, I was having second thoughts right now especially hearing footsteps.

"Kai, anyone?" I whispered.

"There no one coming your way." Kai responded immediately, but I didn't miss the uncertainty in his voice.

After a moment of silence, I paused. Something didn't feel right, it was too quiet for my liking—with only a few whispers from ahead.

"Uh...Sky? We have a slight problem." Kai spoke slowly, as if he couldn't believe his own words.

"What kind of problem?" I honestly didn't want to know.

"It seems that there are no cameras in the direction you're heading to, so I can't warn you if anything is coming your way." He explained nervously.

Taking a deep breath, I hope my eyes weren't playing with me by the fact that the end of the alley was becoming brighter.

"It's okay, just make sure Gab is safe." Were my last words to Kai. I took slow steps, eager yet afraid of what's before me.

"We will get out of here, I promise." A familiar voice spoke, thus I quickened my steps.

"I-I love you so much." A feminine voice responded with a sniffle, she sounded as if she had been  crying profusely.

It felt like a whole titanic scene was happening right here, right now –replaying before me.

My curiosity perked, as the voices became louder.

"I love you too." He responded, I was sure it couldn't get any more cheesier.

My eyes soon met with the sources of the voices, and all I could do was stare in shock.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me!" I threw my hands in the air, mentally preparing an entire what-the-hell speech.

Upon hearing my words of exasperation, Jonah and Emily broke away from their kiss.

"Tori!" Jonah yelled while Emily gasped "Skylar!"

"You know her?!" Emily seemed stunned.

"She's my ex I was talking about." He said with a guilty look, that just had to hurt slightly.

"Guys, stop talking as if I'm not here at all......So this is your new lover, Jonah? And Emily, aren't you still Jeremy?" Both of them looked away from my eyes sheepishly.

"Well...truth is...I never actually liked Jeremy...he was just more of a way to stay at the top of the food chain, I wanted to friend zone him too anyways." She simply said.

"And...I fell in love Emily when she was kidnapped...I actually knew her already when I was working for Bronze Eagles bu—" I interrupted Jonah.

"You're a member of Bronze Eagles?!" I screeched.

"Yes, I'll explain everything soon, just get us out of here before—"

"Before I come?" A voice from behind me interrupted. A cold blade pressed against my spine, I tensed with a shiver. Basing it on the sight of Jonah and Emily's pale face, I knew I was faced with the devil himself.

"Who are you?" My voice came out breathless and raspy, the pressure of the knife against my back didn't make it any better.

God, I'm too young to die.

I felt his slender fingers push my wavy brown hair to side, before I felt his breath fan against the crook of my neck.


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