= Chapter 57 =

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"She thinks I don't care about her anymore but I care more than anything."

-Jeremy Lockhart

"Skylar, goddamit! Explain!" I pushed Kai's house door open with my eyebrows pressed together.

"Wait, let me think." He threw his hands up in frustration, giving me a confused look.

"You've been telling me that throughout the entire ride home! Do you know I feel?! Clueless and frustrated, that's how I feel." He pulled me by my hands towards his chest, preventing me from pacing around the house.

"Have an open mind, would you?" I sighed in irritation, unsure of how to lay it down for him. In that moment, Gabriel and Kai came strolling down the flight of stairs with tired eyes.

"This is my house, not a farm so stop bickering like animals.." Kai mumbled in a gruff tone, while rubbing his eyes.

"Why're you back so early? Something happen?" Gabriel had his blueish green eyes trained on us, his words caused Jeremy to give me an accusing look.

Walking ahead to the dinning table after struggling out of Jeremy's grip, I placed my phone on the table which displayed the picture that Dante drew.

"When Jeremy left to find the toilet, a familiar man offered to dance with me. I knew something was up with him because I noticed him staring at me from the start. Turns out, he's Jonah—yes, my ex-boyfriend who was suppose to be dead." Gabriel interrupted.


"Exactly, my point. He told me he couldn't explain at that moment why he faked his death, but he warned me to be careful and not to drink anything. He said something like ' I better leave before they see me' , then he left just like that. I found it suspicious that Jeremy wasn't back so I chilled at the side with my phone. Not long after, I got a message from 3W!, its message led me to look back at a picture i took of Dante's drawing." Their jaws dropped at the sight of the drawing, looking between the drawing and how Jeremy and I looked.

"Is this just a coincidence?" Kai questioned, clearly not believing his eyes.

"Out of instinct, I ran to look for Jeremy and I pushed his glass of wine out of his hand because there was a man in a hoodie behind the pillar that looked similar to the drawing. " Jeremy interrupted, as if he came to realization.

"The broken glass gathered the attention of everyone and some men were all ready with their guns because...I didn't drink the most probably poisoned wine. But that masked guy who I bet was Jonah shot from the top to divert their attention so we could escape...am I right?"

"Bulls-eye" I responded, finally taking a seat after much worry.

"I think we all know who 3W! is." Gabriel looked at all three of us.

"Dante." Kai finished his sentence, and my breath hitched.

"Everything would make sense too." Jeremy spoke up. "He went missing to have time to prepare this, he drew that picture as a sketch of his plan. He kidnapped his own sister to bring us together to go on the search for Emily so that we are distracted. "

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