= Chapter 56 =

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" She taught me why hurricanes were named after people."

-Jeremy Lockhart

All I saw was red. How dare he just stroll back into my life as if nothing ever happened, how dare he put the entire town in such worry about his death and yet return to ask me for a dance. He definitely should count himself blessed if he's still alive after this dance because I'm so close to strangling the life out of him.

"You've grown more beautiful since the time—" I interrupted.

"Since the time you died? You know I never knew it was possible to just come back to life." I scoffed, looking away from his eyes as we danced across the dance floor.

"Tori, I have my reasons that you'll find out soon, I know everything seems hazy right now but I need you to hear me out and trust me. " he pleaded, and only then did I realize how much I actually missed him.

Taking a deep breath, I looked back into his warm hazel eyes.
"I just want to know if I was the reason you faked your death and wanted to leave, at least answer that." My voice became softer.

"No, you're the reason I wanted to stay. But I guess, the situation had me cornered. I never wanted to fake a death, trust me love." He caressed my cheek, as i felt some sort of relief.

Nodding, I gave him a small smile as I looked up at him through my eyelashes.

"But...I heard you have a new boyfriend, Jeremy, right?" He paused, his lips in a grim line.

"How did yo--"

"My eyes and ears are everywhere." He simply said before continuing.

"Though I found someone new too...you'll always be my favorite." The side of his lips tilt upwards.

"Still enjoying your playboy ways?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Definitely, but don't worry love, you're raked number one in my heart." He brushed his lips against mine, allowing me to grasp a whiff of his minty breath.

Pulling away after receiving my shock reaction, he winked playfully. I slapped his chest lightly, annoyed by his teasing ways.

He chuckled before looking to his left, his features morphed into total seriousness—something he was never known for.

"Tori, you have to listen to me carefully now, alright? The entire invite is a total trap so be careful of what you drink and don't leave your drink with someone. Some people here have other intentions, tell your boyfriend that too, okay? I need to go now before they find out that I had talked to you."

"Jonah, you're not leaving me again, are you?" I held his hand, I didn't want to let go of him again.

"I'll never leave you, I'm always there watching over you. We'll meet again, Tori." He kissed my hand gently with his eyes on me.

Like a breeze, he disappeared – leaving me among the dancing couples. Finding my way through the crowd, I sat by one of the benches.

My eyes roam around the hall, looking for Jeremy. I found it slightly suspicious that he still hasn't arrived The vibration of my phone from my purse alarmed me, thus I took it out immediately.

" Take a picture it'll last longer than your memory. -3W! "

I knew I could never have a break from 3W!, with the use of his words and messages. Rolling my eyes, I frowned as I read the message again.

What clue is this now? Is he insulting my memory?

Then a possible idea hit me. Entering my gallery on my phone, I scrolled through the million of selfies Jeremy and I took. The stop of my finger, made my eyes narrow down at that particular picture.

The same picture I took that night when I sneaked into Dante's house, the same picture that showed a brunette in a long red dress dancing with a blonde guy in a suit.

It was as if every broken puzzle piece found it's place. The picture that Dante drew showed not only the couple dancing but also a shadow of a man behind a pillar adding something into the wine glass.

Without second thought, I stood up abruptly and sought to find Jeremy. He is in deep danger right now, especially if he drank anything.

Everything made sense–– Jonah's warning, the picture that resembled Jeremy and I , 3W! clue.

Running with heels definitely isn't easy, but the only the word in my mind was Jeremy– his safety, the thought of losing him.

Skidding around the corner, I spotted his familiar dirty blonde hair and strong frame picking up a wine glass. Sprinting towards him, I shoved it out of his hands causing it to shatter on the floor.

It felt as if the entire ballroom froze, all eyes were on us. I whipped my head to the pillar at the back to only see a person in a black hoodie dashing away.

"Sky why did you do th–" I interrupted Jeremy.

"We need to get out of here. now. " I whispered lowly, noticing some men placing their hands on their pockets.

At the back of my mind, I knew it was impossible to get out of here alive especially with all the attention on us.

So I thought...

The sound of a shot piercing through the silence, made the crowds of guests become utter chaos– fleeing in all directions possible.

Looking up to the source of the shot, my eyes landed on a familiar smirk from none other than Jonah.

He mouthed 'RUN' before I smiled genuinely at him. Grabbing Jeremy's hand, we ran out through the nearest exit while the bodyguards chased after Jonah.

I gave Jonah one last look, he actually kept his promise about watching over me, I smiled to myself as my heart warmed up.

Now I had to deal with an utterly confused Jeremy...

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