= Chapter 55 =

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" Do it. With love."

-Jeremy Lockhart
15 Days Left...

We reached back safely on Saturday in the afternoon and with no doubt I dived into the comfort of Kai's bed, so did Jeremy. The chatters of people from below woke me up from my slumber unfortunately.

"Hey beautiful" Jeremy stroked my hair with his fingers, his eyes fall on my wide smile plastered on my lips. I could wake up to his face everyday and never get sick of it, I was sure of that.

"Where's all that noise comin' from?" I stretched, stifling a yawn which earned him a cute boyish smile.

"Willow is here, that's why." He chuckled and without a second thought, I leaped out of bed.

I missed her so much, and I couldn't wait to be greeted by her quirky comments and gorgeous smile.

Sprinting down the flight of stairs, I squealed in happiness "WILLOW!"

"SKYY!! God I missed you so much." She pulled me into a warm hug.

"What are you doing here?" I couldn't wipe that bright smile off my face.

"A little bird told me you have to attend a massacre ball tonight, and there you go — your personal make up artist." She pointed to herself.

Before I could answer, Willow instructed. " Boys, get Jeremy ready in an hour, that's all the time we have." She clapped her hands once indicating that Gabriel, Kai, Tristen and Zach should get to work.

I definitely didn't miss the wink Tristen gave her before shoving a nervous looking Jeremy into his room. Willow ruffled her hair slightly, only then did I notice she seemed flustered.

Sitting me down on the chair in another room, she opened her make-up set that left me jaw dropped.

"So...why were you blushing so much just now huh?" I casually asked, pretending to admire myself in the mirror.

"Me? Blushing?! Good joke Skylar!" She scoffed, tying my hair into a messy bun.


"Okay you won't believe it but...Tristen kissed me!" She fanned herself dramatically but all I did was smile knowingly.

"Someone's in love.." I teased lowly.

"Says the person who ogles at Jeremy 24/7 ." She countered back, causing me to keep my mouth shut.

She begin her magic with foundations, mascara, lipsticks of all sorts. My entire body felt numb just by sitting there for what seems like forever. She continued with my hair, tying it into a fishtail braid, that was pulled forward over my shoulder. Never once did she allow me to look into the mirror. This, I had to always keep my eyes close.

Slipping the silky red strapless high low chiffon dress on, it fit me like second skin, following my curves perfectly.

Finally, she pushed me towards the mirror and my eyes met a young beautiful yet sexy looking woman. How could that be me? I never liked make up but I had to give credit to the transformation it could do.

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