Dorming With The Jocks

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Sadie's POV

How can a school run out of dorm rooms?


This is not possible. It can't be.

I mean really, what kind of school is this? I can't believe they are making me stay in this dorm, is that even allowed though? There were a million things wrong with this place. One: I'm a girl, this is a guy's dorm. Two: It stinks so badly. And three: Well I don't think I need any other reasons! I tightened my grip on the two suitcases in my hands and swallowed hard. Alright, this is it. I'm going to do this.

I have to do this.

If I wanted to stay in this school, this was the price I would have to pay. I took a deep breath and pushed open the double doors leading into the lobby. Instantly my scent was filled with stinky sweat socks and jock straps. Oh this is so gross.. First thing I'm going to do is buy some strong scented candles and flower smelling air freshener. Come on Sadie, man up and deal with it. No pain no gain right?

I stepped up to the front desk where a cute blonde was sitting in a spinning chair. He was spinning around and around not even paying attention to anything going on, headphones in his ears and air drumming to the beat that was blaring loud enough for me to hear, his head was thrown back and he was staring up at the ceiling. I cleared my throat but obviously that didn't get this wannabe drummer's attention so instead I slapped my hand against the front desk, making the guy abruptly stop and turn to look at me, eyebrows shooting up in surprise, probably because he's never seen a girl dare to step foot into this germ invested place. No girl in her right mind would come within 20 feet of this place anyway. 

"Uh. . . I think you're looking for the girl's dorm, just down the way a bit," He said pointing to his right and smiling at me. Like I didn't know where it was, they had just kicked me out of the darn place.

"No I'm here to get the key to my room, I'm Sadie Michaels," I said trying to be nice and smile. He looked even more surprised now, his smile slowly disappearing.

"I think you're mistaken right now, uh . . . this is the guy's dorm?" He said looking around with a cocky smirk, as if I couldn't tell by the revolting smell. His gaze landed back on me and he stood, to get a better look at me, making me uncomfortable immediately. 

"Here, the principal gave me this note to give to you," I said shuffling through my pocket and pulling out a stupid pink slip of paper and handing it over. I don't even know how the principal was alright with this. The cute blonde checked it over quickly then smiled wickedly down at me.

"Welcome to the Wellington Dorm, let me show you around, Miss Michaels," He said flashing me a cute grin and grabbing my stuff, leading me to the elevator and pressing number 8, the highest floor in the dorm.

"I hope you'll enjoy your stay here, most likely the guys will try to run you off pretty soon, don't be scared though, there's only a 90% chance it'll work," He said winking at me with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. It couldn't be that bad . . . right?

"There are no locks on the shower doors or stalls, there are locks on your dorm room door but other than that, you're up for grabs," He said just before the door opened and a long hallway full of rough and rowdy teenage guys came into sight. They were pushing each other into the walls, throwing airplanes, having spitting contests, comparing dick sizes? Oh my God, this was worse than I thought it would be. Were guys really like this behind closed doors? 

"Well, here's your stop babe, have fun, we've never had a girl live here before so this should be interesting," He said pushing my bags into the hallway and handing me a key that said 869 and winking yet again. "Oh I'm Sid by the way. Welcome aboard,"

Then the doors closed and I was left alone, completely aware of the eerie silence that had fallen over the hallway. When I turned to face the crazed pack of boys they were all staring at me, mouths wide open, some glaring at me and some of them didn't even try to hide that they were checking me out.

"Who the hell are you?" Someone asked. A tall, muscular guy with tan skin, dark eyes and hair stalked towards me, pushing the others out of the way.

"I'm S-Sadie Michaels," I whispered, wishing my voice hadn't cracked. I'm pretty sure they could smell fear.

"And why the hell are you in the guy's dorm, mind telling me?" He yelled down at me. He was really tall, I mean . . . REALLY tall.

"Because I got kicked out of the girl's dorm?" I muttered, scared to look up at him.

"So you're staying here now?"

"Well that's what the principal told me,"

"Hey guys!" He yelled turning towards the whole group. "Looks like we gotta newbie!"

The boys roared with laughter although I really didn't see what was so funny about that.

"Do you at least play any sports, little girl?"

"Yes, I play basketball and track," I said smiling weakly.

"Hmm then you're like a half jock then?"

"What? Why does that even matter?" What did playing sports have to do with anything

He groaned and rubbed his forehead, shaking his head at me.

"Didn't anyone tell you? This is the jocks dorm. Only for tri sport athletes for the most part, excusing only a couple of guys in here. You're just lucky you play a sport," He leaned down close to my face. "Let me warn you now, don't get in our way, we don't like to play games off the field got it? Don't think you belong here. And if you stay clear of us then you just might be okay . . . maybe,"

Was that supposed to be some type of threat?

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