Get Out

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He sits up and looks at me, tears streaming down his face.

"What do you want?" He asks me, somewhat harshly.

All the words I were going to say fade away so I just sit there awkwardly, him looking at me like I just killed his mother.

"Get out." He mutters.

"But.." I start, but he's clearly not having it. Tears fall out of my eyes.

"Fine. I'll leave. But just know." I tell him. "I came here to tell you I felt the same way." With that, I stand up, run out of the room, down the stairs, the tears are streaming now.

I'm in the living room with everyone else, and I'm bawling.

Everyone looks at me, but I run past them and outside. Once I'm outside I take off my shoes and walk home.

Walk.. Run... same thing. Right?

I finally get back to the apartment and bawl my eyes out.

"Olivia?" I hear. It's Jack.

"What?" I ask him.

"I.. Uh.. Um.. uh..." He stutters. "Never mind." I hear the door open and close again and the girls run in and throw their arms around me.

"Oh hunny.."

"I know what will get your mind off of it!" Brianna says.

They all nod.

"So the band name we thought of is..."

They all made drumming noises on their legs making me laugh.

"5 Roses!" I nod.

"I love it." I say, plastering a fake smile on my face.

I walk into my room and lock my door. I then throw myself on my bed and begin crying.

I'm not one to hold in my emotions.

My phone starts blowing up.




Olivia: You just had to throw my middle name in there didn't you? 😭😭😭

Noodles: We need u. Stat.

Olivia: Why?

Daniel: There's no time for that u hoe just get over here.

I sigh, getting up. I wipe the tears off my face and reapply my makeup, fix my hair, all that stuff.

I then get into my car, driving to the Why Don't We house.

Here we go..

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