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-Jonah's POV-

"She's outside." Logan says to me and my eyes widen.

"Right outside the door."

I gasp and run to the door, where Christina went moments ago. Christina must have seen her or something.

I walk outside and see Olivia with her eyes wide and Christina patting her back. As soon as Olivia sees me she turns away and runs.

I stare at the street where Olivia just disappeared, my heart shattering.

Christina also stares, her eyes wide.

I sit down on the ground and put my head in my hands, as all the rest of the boys come out.

They start patting my back but I turn to them.

"Can you guys just fucking stop?" I yell at them.

I walk up to my room and slam the door locking it behind me.

I throw myself on the bed and scream into a pillow.

Olivia's POV

As soon as I get around the curb and out of sight I sit down and put my head in my hands and starts sobbing.

Just then I get a call from my cousin, Brianna.

(Now before you think Brianna is me, it's actually my cousin irl. Our parents legit named us Breanna, Brianna, Brenna, and Bri.)

I answer the phone.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Yeah um, please explain why there's a picture where WhyDontWeMusic TAGGED YOU. WTF CUS?!?"

I sigh.

"I'll tell you later." I tell her. I can feel her grin through my phone screen.

"Brenna, Bri, Breanna (now that's me) and me will land in 2 hours. You can tell us then."


I forgot they were coming over.

"Okay." I say into the phone. After that I run home and into the bathroom. I change into some sweatpants and a hoodie.

I throw my hair in a ponytail and put on my Gucci Floral sneakers.

Thats right. I'm rich. Bow down.

After that, I only have an hour left, so I sit down on my couch and watch Netflix

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After that, I only have an hour left, so I sit down on my couch and watch Netflix.

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