Kisses ;)

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I'm outside of their house now.

I got a mile before I had to stop to sob.

"Olivia." I hear from behind me. It's Jonah.

I roll my eyes.

"What Jonah?"

"I-" he cuts himself off, slamming his lips on mine. I kiss back until he pulls away.

"I still love you." He says, looking down. "You're not a whore. You're the most wonderful, amazing person I've ever met." I'm legitimately frozen. I can't move. My mouth won't open. I can't speak.

"Shit." He mumbles under his breath. "Okay. Obviously you don't still feel the same way. I'm gonna go back in the house now."

He turns around and starts walking. You have to move Olivia. Olivia you have to move. You can't just stand there like an idiot! It's freezing out here! Move your butt Olivia!

I finally get my legs to walk and I run in front of Jonah. Why am I not good with words?! Just tell him how you feel, Olivia!

"I love you."

Is what I wish I said. But instead, I just said; "Hello." HELLO. I FUCKING SAID HELLO. Who says hello in a time like this?! Olivia! WoMAN up! He starts walking away.

"I l-love you t-too." I shout at the top of my lungs. He spins around and his mouth falls open.

He picks me up and he attaches his lips to mine.

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