= Chapter 48 =

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"It's all fun and games until someone falls in love."

-Jeremy Lockhart

"Remind me again why we're driving back to LA?" Jeremy frowned.

"We need to check out his house. Why would Dante go missing? Either he's kidnapped or left because he did a big mistake." I simply said with a shrug.

"I definitely think it's because he did a big mistake." Jeremy made a snark comment.

"Oh come on, Dante isn't so bad!"

"Hell yes he is, but you wouldn't believe a word I say because you're so in love with him already."

"No I'm not!" I denied, gripping my backpack closer to my chest.

"Keep telling yourself that," he snickered. My eyes widened when realization hit me hard, a quirky smile made its way onto my lips.

"Now I get it...you're jealous aren't you?" I stabbed my finger into his arm.

"No, why should I even be jealous?!" He glared at me as if it was the most insane thing he has heard in his life.

"How should I know, your bipolar-ness is worse than a girl on her period?!" He stuck his tongue out at me in response before looking back on the road.

Over the past three hours, our drive had been filled with constant bickering and flinches whenever our skins brushed against. The silence grew thick again, before Jeremy asked softly.

"Why do you want to check his house though?"

"...Cause...cause I found something that is related to us."


I moved my phone before his eyes that displayed the picture that I took that night I found the drawing of a couple dancing, that Dante drew.

"Doesn't that look like us?"

"Weirdly, it does look like us. Damn he's good, although I feel that I have a sharper jawlin–" Jeremy commented before I interrupted

"I wanna check if there are any other paintings there, maybe it could lead us to other clues." I suggested.

"Then I guess we better hurry before the sun goes down." He finally smiled over at me, and it somehow took away all the ache I felt within me.

I knew that it no time he would be the only thing that could cure any of my problems, I knew that he would soon become my newest addiction.

And only time can tell.


"Jeremy?! Are you seriously gonna break down the door?" I stopped him before he almost rammed his body against the door.

"Got any better way, genius?"

"Call Mateo? Maybe..." I suggested.

"I told Gabriel to pick him up already so he's back at Kai's place, now let me just break down this door." He jumped up against the door before slamming his entire body against it which surprisingly caused the door to open.

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