you should have let go...

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Dick visits the grave. He is drunk and is not thinking as clearly as he thought he was.
He turns around thinking who he actually thought he heard "Jason   where are you?"
There he was leaning against a tree. Dick couldn't believe his eyes. He didn't believe it.
"Are you a ghost or am I to drunk?" Dick  spat out drinking more.
"Both" Jason looked at Dick "you might drink yourself  into a comma"  he didn't care he just continue to drink. Jason walked towards Dick who falls down and laughs "Jason don't leave me here alone "

Jason laid down beside him he knew he was going to leave and Dick will just be upset so he leans in and kisses Dick on the forehead "I love you so much but you didn't save me Dick, you had a chance and you didn't save me" Jason whispered sadly it was what he felt Happened and he hated Dick Grayson... At Least that was what he thought but his other feelings towards him were rather different "I love you and because of that I can't stand you.. you left me "
Dick starts to cry "I couldn't save you I Know you have every right to hate me I wanted to save you " he hugs Jason drying his tears. He only thinks Jason is a ghost even if he can touch him. Jason lays there as Dick falls asleep and when he woke up he was alone he repeat the day with little memory of what he seen.

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