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"I didn't have time to clear a bed for you or anything because I didn't believe you were going to come back. do you need anything a glass of water? a shower? I have some food I just made some and I made extra in case you were coming back " Dick starts to ramble on "i can go shopping tomorrow and I have this Smaller room that I can move all my stuff into tonight if you don't mind waiting or it can be for you I kept some of your stuff and it won't take to make it your personal bedroom I won't charge you anything for rent or anything-"
"Dick your talking alot... I was just you know brought back to life and-"
"I'm sorry I'm just really glad to see you.. and hear you ...and know your not rotting away in a grave.. okay I'm going to make you something to eat"
Dick walked off into the kitchen and got Jason a plate. Jason looked around the apartment he wanted to look like it was his first time in the apartment.
"It's a nice apartment you got here Dick " his eyes glanced at the fridge and noticed the picture  of himself he smiles maybe dick did care on a level.
It's a trap remember who died you or him?
Dick hands him a plate of mashed potatoes and steak.
Jason took the plate and sat down at the dinner table "when did you learn to cook"  Jason chuckled before taking a bite.
"When you died I tried to look for things to occupy me and it sort of worked I'm dealing with a couple of bad guys and a job "
Dick sits down on the other side of the table.
Do it tell him now!
"Jason I need to tell you something"
He looks up at Dick expecting something.
"When you died something changed in me.... I was unable to get over it and it forced me to face my feelings that I have for you now I won't say them now but maybe during this week I am able to say it but now we will call them what they are I have a certain feeling towards you "
Jason looks at Dick and laughed and his face turned red.
"Pardon ? "
"I have certain feelings towards you too"
Love and hatred.

Dick lays on the couch after giving up his bed for Jason it was passed the time dick was supposed to sleep he just couldn't not yet and then he hears it. A scream  Dick gets up and runs to the bedroom and trys to wake the scared Jason up who just continue
Screaming words that tore though him like nails.
He tried to shake him and Jason continue to tell and cry "DICK IT BURNS IT BURNS WHY WONT YOU SAVE ME "
Dick successfully wakes Jason up he had tears flowing down his cheek "please don't leave me here I don't want to be alone anymore " Jason hugs Dick.
"It's okay Jason you are safe now"

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