dancing on air.

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Jason  looked around the room this is what he missed  the feeling of being  cared for... the feeling of being loved  he knew Dick loved him he always knew how much he loved him.
"Dick" Jason said meekly  and Dick turned around  from cooking
"I love you" Jason said  "I always wanted to tell you how much you mean to me when you come home       I get so happy  that you are here you make my heart pound faster and it's weird  because we   are brothers but we are adoptive brothers so it's not like we are actual siblings it feels like I'm dancing on air I'm scared to  fall"  
Dick turned to him "Jason  it's okay " he puts his hand in Jason's  hair slowly pulled him closer to him and kissed him to Jason's surprise  he enjoyed  it  but he felt like he was going to burst he breaks away from the kiss and Dick kissed Jason's jaw down his neck.
"Dick you are in the middle of cooking "
Dick curses and returns to the stove while his phone rings
Dick answers and to Jason's surprise  he felt jealousy  when Dick answers "hey babs"

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