colds and kisses and dates?

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What's worse than death? I'm glad you asked.
It's a man cold... well to Jason it is.. it takes alot for him to try to hide it but Dick knows what's up.
"You have been sneezing all day and you have a fever don't lie and say you don't i don't want you to get over heated so I am giving you my fan to sleep at night"
Dick does not like illness he can't stand being sick so while Jason is laying on the couch, Dick has several germ killing sprays did I mention that he has germ x in his pocket? Dick was weird when it came to to germs and sickness he never left Jason's side though. Even when Jason sneezed Dick overreacted "you okay? Jason it sounds serious should we go to the hospital"
Jason sat up and got really close to Dicks face "you are being silly" he whispered then flopped back down on the bed "can i get a bowl of soup?" Jason pouted and Dick ran into the kitchen to do anything Jason asked..

Dick cleaned up anything that Jason touched he didn't like germs and illness was not his thing maybe but snooping was a different story how did he get sick? Jason stayed in the apartment most of the time that's what he thought. It's ok that Jason gets out it's just strange that Dick doesn't notice when... It's not like Dick had nothing against it besides Dick blocked all news channel except one and that's because news of the joker was rising. It might upset Jason if he found out but this was for the best right? He is doing this for the greater good right?

It took three days for Jason to get better the apartment smelled like cleaning solutions it didn't surprise Jason. It was early when he woke up but he felt great. He rushed around the apartment doing odd cleaning. He noticed Dick was asleep with the tv on he went to turn it off until an ad for the circus popps up.

Jason planned the best date what else would be this good? This was Dicks past and Jason was his future he bet everyone would miss him right? Jason bought tickets on line.
Dick rubbed his eyes waking up. And Jason turned off the tv he sits on the couch looking at Dick "we got a date soon I won't tell you what it is. just when and what you can wear to it I just want you to have a great date"
Dick is over whelmed by this information just two minutes ago he was asleep peace full. Now Jason was so close to his face. He looked ok.
"When is it?"

So it was Tuesday and Jason was excited this date was going to be the best he told Dick it was not really fancy and Jason bought a t-shirt for Dick but was not sure when he was going to give it to him. In reality this made Jason really nervous. Was this still a good idea?
"Dick I want to tell you where were going" Jason said stepping out of the apartment he handed the shirt to Dick he unfolded the shirt and reads it.
Haly's circus
Dick puts on the shirt and hugs Jason.
"Thank you so much Jason "
Jason blushes "H-hey let's keep going"

Hearing Dick talk about the circus was like hearing a proud child ramble they sat as close as possible and Dick remembers alot of acts and some people but when three acrobats shows up he went silent...
The rest of the time Dick tried to smile at Jason he clapped

And at the end Jason went to go get a drink and in the line a man walked up to Dick
"It's nice to see you Richard "
And the man hugs him.

((Should I make a smut chapter? I could warn everyone so who doesn't  want to read it you can skip it ? Anyway this was a lot better ))

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