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So the Instagram post I did the two chapters before were about Niall's birthday so this day in the story is Niall's birthday and they go to meet Anne and Gemma.


I finished my insta post and put my phone down. I was sitting with Niall and Harry and Harry's phone goes off. He gets his phone and I look at the screen. It was an Instagram post notification. I look to see who it was.

"Harry you have my post notifications on?" I laugh.

He laughs, "Yes, is that bad?"

"No it's just funny." I say laughing Niall was listening to the conversation and laughs with us.

"Yea, yea, I bet you have my post notifications on." He looks at me and smirks.

"Ugh!" I say throwing my arms in the air.

He and Niall laugh at me and I just laugh with them.

Later on the rest of the boys came along and we hung out for a few hours.

Me and Harry planned to go out and eat with Anne and Gemma tonight so I can meet them. After hanging with the guys I told Harry that I needed to go home.

We said our goodbyes and me and Harry left. We were just in regular clothes and I wanted to be dressed a little more. Harry and I stopped by my house and I went to open my for but he beat me to it. He opened the car door and I hopped out and went to unlock the house.

Harry had brought him extra clothes because he wanted to stay at my house with me. We made plans before going to see Niall.

Once I unlocked the door to the house harry was right behind me. He closes the door and sets his stuff down. And before I go to my room he grabs my wrist and pulls me in a kiss.

A surprising kiss but it was still great. We part away and I laugh.

"Why are you laughing?" Harry asks laughing at me laughing.

"I don't know, I find everything funny you know." I say laughing lightly.

He rolls his eyes and I hurry to go change. Harry changes in the guest bathroom. I change into a nicer dress. I retouch my makeup and then walked out.

Harry had already had his nicer clothes on and we hurried and went to his car bc we were running behind.

We get into the car and drive off to the restaurant we were going to meet at. Once we were there harry got out and opened my door for me. I thanked him and we went into the restaurant.

The waiter asked for our names and Harry told them, "Styles." Which I felt was weird since pretty much everyone knows him.

He nodded and took us to a back room where people can't see us. It was reserved for us.

Once we were in the room I saw Gemma and Anne. Gemma saw us and ran up to us. She came towards me and she hugged me. I, shocked, but love hugs, hugged her back.

"Hey Ariana I've been waiting to meet you for like everrr!" She said and I laughed. She laughed back with me and then hugged Harry.

Then behind Gemma was Anne. She gave me a hug with a little squeeze. I hugged her back as well.

Then Harry had his arms out to hug his mom. I mentally awed at him wanting a hug from her.

We then sat down to eat and we had talked for hours till we had to leave because they were closing.

We left and went to Anne's house. I brought my extra clothes just in case because my dress would not be comfortable after so long in it.

I changed and then we sat in the living room and talked for a little while longer.

It was starting to get late. I yawned and Harry say me. He gave me that look of, you wanna go now?

I shrugged my shoulders like saying it doesn't matter. He nods and he gets up to hug his mom and Gemma before leaving. I hug them as well and then Gemma and Anne wanted a picture with me.

I nodded and we took the pictures. Harry wanted one too because he was just jealous.

We took the pictures and then said goodbye and Harry took me home.

We arrived at my house and Harry opens my door for me and takes my hand. That will get old.

He stops at my door and I open it. We both walk in and he gives me a kiss.

"I think I'm falling for you." He says once we part away.

"I do too." I say and he lightly kisses me again.



But also thank you for reading and voting it means a lot to me.

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