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Harry Styles as himself

Selena Gomez as Ariana
(@arianamitchel)(she is a model)

Kendall Jenner as Jade, Ariana's best friend

Gigi Hidid as Madalyn, Ariana's other best friend (@madalyndawson)

One Direction as themselves
(@niallhoran @louist91 @liampayne @onedirection)

One Direction as themselves(@niallhoran @louist91 @liampayne @onedirection)--------

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Harrystyles // See.you.there x\\

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harrymyheart AHHHHHHH

harrrrrrystylessss 😱😱❤️

harrystylesupdates I can't wait to see you❤️

niallhoran so proud of you mate. 👍

arianamitchel I wish I wasn't broke!

17blackx good job bb!❤️❤️

heyyyy.angel ❤️❤️

This is my first Instagram book sooooooo. And did you see me add my username in the comments?? 😂😂 I'm too great. It's my real account too sooo?? Can you follow it? 😂

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