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6:15 pm

harrystyles: did you buy a ticket to the opening show??

arianamitchel: no I didn't I never got the money for it.

harrystyles: how much did you need?

arianamitchel: around $200. And I'm broke at the moment so it was either use it all to get a ticket or have no food😂

harrystyles: can I send you some money to pay the rest?

arianamitchel: umm... Idk

harrystyles: pleeeeeeaseeee

arianamitchel: ig you can

harrystyles: yayyyyy!!

harrystyles: I'll send it to you and you can buy one now.  Consider it an early birthday present.

arianamitchel: okayyy

harrystyles: I have to go now I have some meeting, but do you want to be my "date" to the premier show of Dunkirk tomorrow?

arianamitchel: yessss I will go with you and I have to go too.

harrystyles: yayyy can't wait! x

arianamitchel: same! x

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