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I was getting ready at this moment for the movie tonight with Harry. I took a shower and I'm now doing my makeup.

I finish that and go to my closet and find a black dress with long sleeves and a white thingy on the wrist part. I grab my black heels and straighten my hair real fast and after I was done I sat down on my bed and rested till he came.

I went on Instagram and looked at the trending things. The #hariana post things were everywhere. It's been like a month since that one fan started it. Which I have no problem with it. I just thought it would wear off after a week.

I then got a text saying Harry was here. Then I heard a knock on the door after. I guess he didn't want me to think it was some crazy fan. Which happens frequently.

I put my shoes on and walk to the door. I open it and he's standing there with another rose and wearing a black suit. His hair slicked back on the top and he was smiling showing his dimples.

I smile and poke his right dimple. He smiles a bigger smile now. The first time I met him I was to scare to even look at him. Now it's like I've known him for forever.

"Happy late birthday present!" He says handing me a Dunkirk movie ticket and the rose.

"Thanks." I say.

The ticket was really nice looking. I awed and took it as well as the rose. As he did last time, he stuck his arm out and I took it. We walked to his car and he opened it for me. I got in and then he walked over to the other side.

"I forgot to say you look beautiful tonight. As always." He says smiling non stop.

I smile back and say, "Thanks, so do you, just handsome." I laugh after and he joins in.

We drive off and we get to the theater in no time. He gets out and quickly hurries to open my door for me.

This time he takes my hand and I get out. He doesn't let my hand go and he intertwined our fingers together.

"We have to make an appearance on the red carpet and many pictures will be taken. I also thing the boys will here too!" Harry said.

I gasp. "Really?!"

"Mhm. But I'm not sure. But we can go in now." He says and we walk to the red carpet.

We walk in and the noise level gets louder when they see us. It's either Harry or us holding hands. Probably both.

The velvet rope keeping us and the photographers away from each other gets crowded. Everyone lined up to see Harry.

"Why is there so many photographers here? Like oh my!" I laugh. He laughs with me.

"Just a big thing I guess." He shrugs his shoulders.

I do the same and we stop because a person had grabbed Harry's attention with the question "who's this lady you brought?"

And which I have a big amount of followers on Instagram I would think they would know. I guess they don't have time.

"This is Ariana." He says. He hesitates to say something else but drops it.

I smile, he asked for a picture of Harry, because Harry's just so cute.

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