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3:45 pm

harrystyles: hello

arianamitchel: hi 👋

harrystyles: we haven't talked in a while.

arianamitchel: wonder why?🤔

harrystyles: have you listened to the new album?

arianamitchel: .... yes

harrystyles: and that's suppose to mean??

arianamitchel: that I have both the cd and on my phone...

harrystyles: no reason to be shy about it love

I thought I was about to die with Harry calling me love, even though he calls everyone 'love'.

arianamitchel: but how do you not be shy about it?

arianamitchel: I'm a huge fan of you and I'm talking to THE Harry Styles.

harrystyles: hmm.. well when I talk to other celebrities I act like we're all not so special. We're just like everyone, except for the money part.

arianamitchel: I can try.

harrystyles: yayyyy I wanna be someone you can trust and someone who's like a guy at your school

harrystyles: well I'm not sure if you're in school or not soooo 🤷‍♂️

arianamitchel: 😂😂😂😂

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